Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Occasionally, readers, reviewers, and critics complain about books that, they say, read more like screenplays than novels. With Brood X, Michael Phillip Cash’s debut horror novel, such a comment could be seen as a compliment.
The novel begins in a besieged hospital at the height of the Great Cicada Invasion, when trillions of giant insects have emerged and are quite literally crushing the northeastern states with their sheer accumulated weight. An EMT driver enters the security office, bringing with him a camera he has taken from a police cruiser parked outside. At the end of the prologue, he and the two security officers begin watching what the camera has recorded. Read the review here and see why reviewer Russ Thompson agrees,  as the cover text suggests, it is “perfect summer reading when you’re sitting outside listening to the cicadas sing.” 

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