Monday, June 24, 2013

Haunting Of The Queen’s Bedroom: Belton House

The Queen’s bedroom at Belton House is supposedly stalked by “the gentleman in black”. This mysterious entity has to share his Lincolnshire haunting space with Belton’s '"bright lady", said to be the spirit of Lady Alice Sherald. The ghosts coexist amicably as she limits her perambulations to the main staircase hall.

The Queen's Bedroom. Named for Queen Adelaide, widow of William IV, for whose visit it was redecorated in 1841. The canopy bed dates from 1813 but has been refurbished in the revived Rococo style with Queen Adelaide's monogram in silver embroidery on the headboard. The braids, fringes and tassels of the bed are original, the striped silk is rewoven.

The land has been owned by the Brownlow and Cust family since the 16th century. The present house was built between 1685 and 1688, by Sir John Brownlow and his wife. Despite their wealth they decided to build a modest country house instead of a grand palace. Yet inside their home it still had all of the latest innovations.  Little really changed to the design of the house but the interior did over the different generations who lived there according to their taste and social standing. After World War I, like so many other the families, wealth began to dwindle. In 1984 they gave their house to the National Trust, who also with the help of National Heritage Fund brought most of the house contents and 1.317 acres of parkland, at the cost of 8 million pounds. They then opened it up to the public. To help support costs the house is used for many different things such as a restaurant, wedding venue and filming location.

Reported Ghosts:

The Chanaman Room:
This is a room that is said to be haunted by a shadowy figure. In April 2008, Thomas Thornton went to Belton House to have a look around but got there a little early so the door's were not open to the public yet. While he was waiting, he was looking around the grounds and in windows and decided to take a few pictures. Not that he noticed at the time, but he caught a smokey, shadowy shape in the Chanaman Room.

The Family Tree Picture:
A shadow of a headless woman in a period costume materialized onto the Brownlows framed family tree.

Belton's Bright Lady:
The main stair case hall has a ghost called 'Beltons Bright Lady'. It is said to be a 17th Century lady called 'Lady Alice Sherald'.

The Queen's Bedroom:
In the Queens bedroom a tall, dark man dressed in a hat and a cloak is said to haunt the room.


  1. I'm having goings on in my own home, and I'm trying to figure out what is going on. It's definitely eerie, and I've been told I have the ability to channel, but I'm not quite sure how to do it at will it just happens. I love antiques, so I'm afraid I may have brought something into my home. I love this room here. Your man has evidently attached himself to something in the room. Once you find that out you may be able to get rid of him or at least communicate somewhat. Your blog looks very interesting. I may have a look around. Have a nice day.