Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Kreischer Mansion

Kreischer had seven children. He died in 1886, but not before building two identical mansions on the hill where one now stands. The first was occupied by the oldest son Charles, and the other by his younger brother Edward. Charles' home burned down, but Edward's still stands.
Finished in 1885, the mansion has a reputation among local children for all sorts of spooky occurrences, and is a favorite to visit on Halloween. A woman's wailing is often heard, said to be the wife of Edward Kreischer, who put a bullet in his head following a dispute at the factory, or quite possibly, following an argument with his brother. Some legends suggest that a German cook who was murdered in the kitchen still haunts the halls, clanging his pots and pans. There have even been claims that children who'd been locked in the closet for being bad are heard scratching to get out. Take a tour below!

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