Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Reviews Of Stillwell: A Haunting On Long Island!

My second book, Stillwell, is placed in Long Island with a spooky house, a heart-broken family trying to put back the pieces after a death, and a few ghost. Clues must be put together in order for my character, Paul, to get his life and family back. Will he? Here is what others have been saying about this book. "I must admit that I was hesitant to read something that was classified as horror... but this book aimed to please! It was more of a paranormal read. it had the right mixture of emotions throughout the book tied with familial experiences and story line." ~Magen "Recommend this to anyone that enjoys a hard to put down book that keeps you on the edge of your seat." ~Sandy "I was drawn to the strong main character and his way of dealing w/his wife's death and the raising of his family. The new woman in his life caused the emotional upheaval that made me really feel the turmoil he was going through." ~Jess "I bought this book because I liked the authors other book. He is a refreshing new author and does not write in a cookie cutter style. I never knew what to expect and each chapter proved to be exciting and unexpected. Will it scare you to death? No,But maybe ghost's don't have to be scary to be in a good story."~Arlene "I loved this book. Just reading the prologue had me hooked. The intense love Paul felt for his newly departed wife was so amazing." ~Connie "I had trouble sleeping after reading it but I had to finish reading it at one setting. " ~Violet "The best parts of this book are really not the ghosts but Paul's experiences in general, coping with his family and the women that now seem to come on to the new widower. Also, we learn a little bit of Long Island history as the author points out that during the American Revolution a good portion of Long Island remained loyal to King George and gladly housed British soldiers in their homes." ~Michael "This book was really, really good; I absolutely loved it! It was just the type of book that I enjoy reading - featuring creepy old houses, ancient horror, and multi-layered family relationships."~Mareena "Michael Phillip Cash has done an excellent job of creating layers of emotional turmoil, while still building the thrill of ghosts, buried pasts and undiscovered mysteries. He had the ability to pull me completely into every facet of his tale." ~Dii

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Somers House

The 100 year old house, Somers House, is appropriately named due to the fact it is located in Somers, NJ on Somers Avenue. However, anything beyond that is not ordinary.

A man by the name of Gregory Young bought the house in 2000. He began renovating his house and that is when all the trouble started.  Mr.Young started to investigate the history of the house and its former occupants after numerous things were occurring like objects moving around on their own and electricity or appliances going off and then back on.  His then 10 year old son was witness to these happenings as well.

With a psychics help he managed to find out there were at least 4 ghost in the house; a young (former) slave girl, a young 10 year old boy and a young 4 year old girl both of who enjoy getting in to mischief. In addition, there is an elderly woman who took up residence after Mr. Young divorced. She is known to stay in the kitchen and is not necessarily happy of the redo of it.

Gregory Young has written two books based upon his house. Extensive information can be found in them.

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Sallie House

There is a haunted house in Atchinson, Kansas known as the Sallie House that was built sometime between 1867 and 1871. Here several paranormal investigators including the most recent residents have logged hundreds of hours in its investigation. Many abnormalities, noises, apparitions and physical attacks have occurred at this house over the years. According to its official web site Sallie House, the house has been named this due to documentation from Debra and Tony Pickman who lived there in the 1990's.

The land the house sits on was originally purchased by a Michael C. Finney who died in the house. Subsequently, a son and Michael's father-in-law also dies in this same house. The only remaining and oldest son built a house next door that was eventually deeded back to his mother. Several other people died in this house as well.

The Sallie House reportedly was owned by the Finney family for many years but was eventually sold to one time borders who also lived in the house. Eventually the house was rented out.
The Pickman's were the second to last to rent the house. Tony Pickman was often physically attacked by scratching, burning and mental abuse. Both of the Pickman's would hear strange sound and apparitions. According to Debra Pickman the last time they investigated the house was in 2007. Tony had been picked up out of his shoes and thrown against a wall.

Overall, it is believed that the main driving force of evil in the house is a woman by the name of Joanne Barnes. In life she had been committed twice to the mental hospital. In one of her suicide attempts she killed her young son by turning the gas on in the home and inhaling the fumes.

The child Sallie, is whom the house is named after. Although according to other investigators this may not be her real name. She is said to be a young girl who roams the house. Apparently, she was brought to the house to visit Dr. C. Finney who lived in the house at the time. Sallie was suffering appendicitis. The doctor performed surgery on Sallie without the aid of anesthesia or pain killers. Sallie suffered a horrible death. 

It is said that Sallie's mother also roams the house revenging Sallie by attacking men who live there.

There at time have been other young children in the home believed to be Sallie's siblings who also died in the home or possibly young Finney children that died.

Documentation is so heavily recorded and there is so much information on the house that it is too much to blog here. If you want to know more details see the link above.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Haunted White House

Of the most famously haunted houses in the United States is none other than the White House.
Guest and staff of the White House as well as some Presidents and First Ladies have all reported seeing various apparitions, spooky noises and feeling the presence of those before them. Three of the most noteworthy are Abigail Adams, Andrew Jackson, and Abraham Lincoln.

In the East Room of the White House it is said the First Lady Abigail Adams, wife of President John Adams, has been seen carrying a laundry basket. She is usually clad in her long dress, lace shaw and a hat known for the period of time.  It is said she used to hang the laundry there because it was the driest area in the house.

In the Rose Room, President Andrew Jackson is said to be seen and often heard. This room was his bedroom when he occupied the White House as President. Some feel this room of the house is most haunted.

Mary Todd-Lincoln, First Lady of Abraham Lincoln, often spoke of hearing and seeing Andrew Jackson roam the halls with the seances she held in the house. President Harry S. Truman mentioned in letters to his wife, Bess, hearing Andrew Jackson furiously arguing with another in his study. It is said Andrew Jackson remains in the house holding a grudge for those who defeated him in the elections of 1824 against President Quincy Adams.

The most seen apparition in the White House is President Abraham Lincoln. He has been seen in many areas of the house including the Oval Office, The Lincoln Bedroom, and guest rooms.

The first person to report seeing Abraham Lincoln was First Lady Grace Coolidge, wife of President Calvin Coolidge, who saw the President looking out the window of the Oval Office toward the old Civil War fields. Lady Bird Johnson, wife of President Lyndon Johnson, reported feeling Abraham Lincoln's presence as she watched a documentary on TV about him.

The most notable sightings of President Lincoln was by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt who used the former Lincoln Bedroom as her study. She often reported feeling his presence or seeing his apparition.

Guest of First Lady Roosevelt and President Franklin D. Roosevelt also saw the former president.
Winston Churchill reported seeing Abraham Lincoln in his guest room sitting by the fireplace and Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands described seeing President Lincoln upon answering a knock at her bedroom door. Staff have heard him pacing the floors.

It is believed that President Lincoln remains at the White House to finish what he began as President but also to be present when there are difficult times in the United States.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Death House

Set in Greenwich Village, an apartment complex built in the 1830's, dubbed 'The Death House", on West 10th Street is one of the last stops for the New York Mark Twain tour. It is also known for two other very distinct things; the brutal murder of 6 year-old Lisa Steinburg in the 1980's and the supposed 22 former residents that haunt the complex.

A psychic by the name of Jan Bartell once lived in an apartment there. Later she detailed in her book, Spindrift: Spray From a Psychic Sea that many residents still inhabited the place.

The most famous of apartments is Apartment 14 where Mark Twain lived for one year. People have reported seeing him and introducing himself as Clemens. Some people are skeptical of the Twain sighting because of his one year stint with the building. However, as there is a sign on the front of the complex that he "slept there" maybe he does.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Block Island Southeast Lighthouse

Block Island Southeast Lighthouse looks just like any other old light house that sits majestically on a hill warning ships of its shores. However, Block Island Lighthouse is not just any ordinary lighthouse.
No, it is haunted. Apparently so too, is the 7000 acres of land that it sits on.

The history of the Block Island Southeast Lighthouse goes back 1874 or 1875 when it was built with the melding of Gothic and Italian Style. There are conflicting dates of the build for the Southeast lighthouse but it was sometime between these two years.
Two lighthouse were built on this strip of land because of the dangerous shore lines. Many ships ran aground prior to the building of the lighthouses. The sister lighthouse sits on the Northeast end of the land. The Southeast lighthouse was built some years later after the Northeast lighthouse.
For 55 years the same family was the keeper of the lighthouse.

In 1990 the lighthouse was decommissioned and another lighthouse was erected. The Block Island Southeast Lighthouse was eventually moved from its original location due to ground erosion and refitted with new light lenses. It is now on the National Register of Historical Places.
The question remains though, why is it haunted?
Legend has it that sometime around the 1900's one of the light keepers brutally murdered his wife by pushing her down a flight of steps within the home. Apparently her spirit never left the home and she only bothers men who are in her home. She has been known to shake beds and lock men in closets or even out of their rooms.
People have also reported ghost on the island itself, most likely of ships crew who ran aground or were never properly buried due to winter harshness. Some sightings have included entire ships that should have been long gone, now seen within the rocky shores.

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Thank You!

I just wanted to say thanks to my readers. You helped me reach number three on Amazon with my second novel Stillwell: A Haunting On Long Island! If you've read my book, I would love to get your feedback. Please consider leaving a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads!

Thanks Again!
Michael Phillip Cash

The Sedamsville Rectory

This 120 year old rectory, set in the small town of Sedamsville, Ohio, an annex of Cincinnati, was built to house the priest of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. The rectory boast 4 floors which includes a full basement and attic.

The parish house and subsequent 3 other building were all in use until 1989 when the parish closed and
remaining families merged with another nearby parish. All the buildings were then sold. Developer John Klosterman, purchased the properties in 1995 with the intent to redevelop and make the area of Sedamsville more high end.

In the late 1800's one of the priest of the parish, Father Donald MacLeod, was killed upon contact when
train hit him. He was on route to tend and to give warm well-being to a sick woman. It is purported that he haunts the rectory as well as other spiritual entities.

Other history of the rectory includes that this was one of the biggest dog fighting arenas in the country. The
doors of the rectory were etched with marks from dogs trying to escape.

Reports of disembodies voices, whimpering dogs, crying children, and dark spirits all seem to roam the entire
facility. The Sedamsville Rectory has been investigated several times by various paranormal groups.

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New Amsterdam Theatre Haunting

On September 10, 1920, an actress by the name of Olive Thomas stumbled out of the bathroom of a Parisian hotel. She was horrified by what she'd done. Olive accidentally ingested an entire bottle of mercury bichloride pills. The dose was prescribed to her philandering husband Jack Pickford for his syphilis, and it was lethal. The couple were celebrating a second honeymoon in Paris when she died.
It seems that Thomas's ghost crossed the Atlantic so that she could haunt the New Amsterdam, where she once acted. Workers and security guards have claimed to see Thomas walking backstage and throughout the halls of the theater, clutching a blue bottle of pills. Thomas often appears to men and her spirit reacts calmly as long as she's approached genially.

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Powis Castle

Powis Castle has a clan of very sociable ghosts. Inhabitants include spirits who play the piano, a long haired child ghost dressed in green, a mischievous spirit who tugs at people’s shirts and various other presences who may or may not manifest themselves for tourists. Some people say the spirits of  Powis Castle have a tendency to lurk about the Dukes room and the ballroom wing. There are accounts of a lady dressed in black, who sits in a chair facing the fireplace in the Duke’s Room. Some people have reported that they feel a hand brushing their arm when no one is there.Some people can hear the piano in the ballroom and there are other reports of loud knocking on doors and windows. There is also the lady in a mop cap. She likes to sit at the bottom of the bed. Some workmen on the site have reported a hand at the back of their neck. In the Clive Museum, there are reports of  a child dressed in green.