Sunday, July 14, 2013

Block Island Southeast Lighthouse

Block Island Southeast Lighthouse looks just like any other old light house that sits majestically on a hill warning ships of its shores. However, Block Island Lighthouse is not just any ordinary lighthouse.
No, it is haunted. Apparently so too, is the 7000 acres of land that it sits on.

The history of the Block Island Southeast Lighthouse goes back 1874 or 1875 when it was built with the melding of Gothic and Italian Style. There are conflicting dates of the build for the Southeast lighthouse but it was sometime between these two years.
Two lighthouse were built on this strip of land because of the dangerous shore lines. Many ships ran aground prior to the building of the lighthouses. The sister lighthouse sits on the Northeast end of the land. The Southeast lighthouse was built some years later after the Northeast lighthouse.
For 55 years the same family was the keeper of the lighthouse.

In 1990 the lighthouse was decommissioned and another lighthouse was erected. The Block Island Southeast Lighthouse was eventually moved from its original location due to ground erosion and refitted with new light lenses. It is now on the National Register of Historical Places.
The question remains though, why is it haunted?
Legend has it that sometime around the 1900's one of the light keepers brutally murdered his wife by pushing her down a flight of steps within the home. Apparently her spirit never left the home and she only bothers men who are in her home. She has been known to shake beds and lock men in closets or even out of their rooms.
People have also reported ghost on the island itself, most likely of ships crew who ran aground or were never properly buried due to winter harshness. Some sightings have included entire ships that should have been long gone, now seen within the rocky shores.

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