Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Powis Castle

Powis Castle has a clan of very sociable ghosts. Inhabitants include spirits who play the piano, a long haired child ghost dressed in green, a mischievous spirit who tugs at people’s shirts and various other presences who may or may not manifest themselves for tourists. Some people say the spirits of  Powis Castle have a tendency to lurk about the Dukes room and the ballroom wing. There are accounts of a lady dressed in black, who sits in a chair facing the fireplace in the Duke’s Room. Some people have reported that they feel a hand brushing their arm when no one is there.Some people can hear the piano in the ballroom and there are other reports of loud knocking on doors and windows. There is also the lady in a mop cap. She likes to sit at the bottom of the bed. Some workmen on the site have reported a hand at the back of their neck. In the Clive Museum, there are reports of  a child dressed in green. 

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