Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Reviews Of Stillwell: A Haunting On Long Island!

My second book, Stillwell, is placed in Long Island with a spooky house, a heart-broken family trying to put back the pieces after a death, and a few ghost. Clues must be put together in order for my character, Paul, to get his life and family back. Will he? Here is what others have been saying about this book. "I must admit that I was hesitant to read something that was classified as horror... but this book aimed to please! It was more of a paranormal read. it had the right mixture of emotions throughout the book tied with familial experiences and story line." ~Magen "Recommend this to anyone that enjoys a hard to put down book that keeps you on the edge of your seat." ~Sandy "I was drawn to the strong main character and his way of dealing w/his wife's death and the raising of his family. The new woman in his life caused the emotional upheaval that made me really feel the turmoil he was going through." ~Jess "I bought this book because I liked the authors other book. He is a refreshing new author and does not write in a cookie cutter style. I never knew what to expect and each chapter proved to be exciting and unexpected. Will it scare you to death? No,But maybe ghost's don't have to be scary to be in a good story."~Arlene "I loved this book. Just reading the prologue had me hooked. The intense love Paul felt for his newly departed wife was so amazing." ~Connie "I had trouble sleeping after reading it but I had to finish reading it at one setting. " ~Violet "The best parts of this book are really not the ghosts but Paul's experiences in general, coping with his family and the women that now seem to come on to the new widower. Also, we learn a little bit of Long Island history as the author points out that during the American Revolution a good portion of Long Island remained loyal to King George and gladly housed British soldiers in their homes." ~Michael "This book was really, really good; I absolutely loved it! It was just the type of book that I enjoy reading - featuring creepy old houses, ancient horror, and multi-layered family relationships."~Mareena "Michael Phillip Cash has done an excellent job of creating layers of emotional turmoil, while still building the thrill of ghosts, buried pasts and undiscovered mysteries. He had the ability to pull me completely into every facet of his tale." ~Dii

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