Thursday, July 25, 2013

Somers House

The 100 year old house, Somers House, is appropriately named due to the fact it is located in Somers, NJ on Somers Avenue. However, anything beyond that is not ordinary.

A man by the name of Gregory Young bought the house in 2000. He began renovating his house and that is when all the trouble started.  Mr.Young started to investigate the history of the house and its former occupants after numerous things were occurring like objects moving around on their own and electricity or appliances going off and then back on.  His then 10 year old son was witness to these happenings as well.

With a psychics help he managed to find out there were at least 4 ghost in the house; a young (former) slave girl, a young 10 year old boy and a young 4 year old girl both of who enjoy getting in to mischief. In addition, there is an elderly woman who took up residence after Mr. Young divorced. She is known to stay in the kitchen and is not necessarily happy of the redo of it.

Gregory Young has written two books based upon his house. Extensive information can be found in them.

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