Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Haunted White House

Of the most famously haunted houses in the United States is none other than the White House.
Guest and staff of the White House as well as some Presidents and First Ladies have all reported seeing various apparitions, spooky noises and feeling the presence of those before them. Three of the most noteworthy are Abigail Adams, Andrew Jackson, and Abraham Lincoln.

In the East Room of the White House it is said the First Lady Abigail Adams, wife of President John Adams, has been seen carrying a laundry basket. She is usually clad in her long dress, lace shaw and a hat known for the period of time.  It is said she used to hang the laundry there because it was the driest area in the house.

In the Rose Room, President Andrew Jackson is said to be seen and often heard. This room was his bedroom when he occupied the White House as President. Some feel this room of the house is most haunted.

Mary Todd-Lincoln, First Lady of Abraham Lincoln, often spoke of hearing and seeing Andrew Jackson roam the halls with the seances she held in the house. President Harry S. Truman mentioned in letters to his wife, Bess, hearing Andrew Jackson furiously arguing with another in his study. It is said Andrew Jackson remains in the house holding a grudge for those who defeated him in the elections of 1824 against President Quincy Adams.

The most seen apparition in the White House is President Abraham Lincoln. He has been seen in many areas of the house including the Oval Office, The Lincoln Bedroom, and guest rooms.

The first person to report seeing Abraham Lincoln was First Lady Grace Coolidge, wife of President Calvin Coolidge, who saw the President looking out the window of the Oval Office toward the old Civil War fields. Lady Bird Johnson, wife of President Lyndon Johnson, reported feeling Abraham Lincoln's presence as she watched a documentary on TV about him.

The most notable sightings of President Lincoln was by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt who used the former Lincoln Bedroom as her study. She often reported feeling his presence or seeing his apparition.

Guest of First Lady Roosevelt and President Franklin D. Roosevelt also saw the former president.
Winston Churchill reported seeing Abraham Lincoln in his guest room sitting by the fireplace and Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands described seeing President Lincoln upon answering a knock at her bedroom door. Staff have heard him pacing the floors.

It is believed that President Lincoln remains at the White House to finish what he began as President but also to be present when there are difficult times in the United States.

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