Monday, July 22, 2013

The Sallie House

There is a haunted house in Atchinson, Kansas known as the Sallie House that was built sometime between 1867 and 1871. Here several paranormal investigators including the most recent residents have logged hundreds of hours in its investigation. Many abnormalities, noises, apparitions and physical attacks have occurred at this house over the years. According to its official web site Sallie House, the house has been named this due to documentation from Debra and Tony Pickman who lived there in the 1990's.

The land the house sits on was originally purchased by a Michael C. Finney who died in the house. Subsequently, a son and Michael's father-in-law also dies in this same house. The only remaining and oldest son built a house next door that was eventually deeded back to his mother. Several other people died in this house as well.

The Sallie House reportedly was owned by the Finney family for many years but was eventually sold to one time borders who also lived in the house. Eventually the house was rented out.
The Pickman's were the second to last to rent the house. Tony Pickman was often physically attacked by scratching, burning and mental abuse. Both of the Pickman's would hear strange sound and apparitions. According to Debra Pickman the last time they investigated the house was in 2007. Tony had been picked up out of his shoes and thrown against a wall.

Overall, it is believed that the main driving force of evil in the house is a woman by the name of Joanne Barnes. In life she had been committed twice to the mental hospital. In one of her suicide attempts she killed her young son by turning the gas on in the home and inhaling the fumes.

The child Sallie, is whom the house is named after. Although according to other investigators this may not be her real name. She is said to be a young girl who roams the house. Apparently, she was brought to the house to visit Dr. C. Finney who lived in the house at the time. Sallie was suffering appendicitis. The doctor performed surgery on Sallie without the aid of anesthesia or pain killers. Sallie suffered a horrible death. 

It is said that Sallie's mother also roams the house revenging Sallie by attacking men who live there.

There at time have been other young children in the home believed to be Sallie's siblings who also died in the home or possibly young Finney children that died.

Documentation is so heavily recorded and there is so much information on the house that it is too much to blog here. If you want to know more details see the link above.

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