Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Sedamsville Rectory

This 120 year old rectory, set in the small town of Sedamsville, Ohio, an annex of Cincinnati, was built to house the priest of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. The rectory boast 4 floors which includes a full basement and attic.

The parish house and subsequent 3 other building were all in use until 1989 when the parish closed and
remaining families merged with another nearby parish. All the buildings were then sold. Developer John Klosterman, purchased the properties in 1995 with the intent to redevelop and make the area of Sedamsville more high end.

In the late 1800's one of the priest of the parish, Father Donald MacLeod, was killed upon contact when
train hit him. He was on route to tend and to give warm well-being to a sick woman. It is purported that he haunts the rectory as well as other spiritual entities.

Other history of the rectory includes that this was one of the biggest dog fighting arenas in the country. The
doors of the rectory were etched with marks from dogs trying to escape.

Reports of disembodies voices, whimpering dogs, crying children, and dark spirits all seem to roam the entire
facility. The Sedamsville Rectory has been investigated several times by various paranormal groups.

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