Saturday, August 31, 2013

Shanna's Story

One of my readers from Facebook shared this story with me. I enjoyed it so much, I wanted to share with you! This is Shanna's story...


Growing up, my front yard was a an old graveyard. There are only two tombstones still standing, and 

no one recalls the name of the family buried there. We never thought anything about white orbs of 

light back then, but we never had much happen. My grandparents still live there to this day, and I live 

on top of the hill now with my kids. I was about 9 when my parents divorced and we went to live with 

my mom's parents. That's when my whole life changed. That house always gave me bad vibes when 

we went to visit, but living there.... was like hell. You were never alone, and you never went to sleep 

without a flashlight.

 There were 4 soldiers upstairs, which I can still see clearly in my mind today... as well as a young 

girl who looked amazingly like me, and an older woman who would stand peering out the window 

scornfully. They were the good ones... There was pure evil in that old house too, and it is still there.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Erica's Stories...

My next guest post was sent in by Erica. I loved each story she told and I thought you would too. Thank you Erica for your contribution. If anyone has a story they'd like to share, please send it in an email to me with "GUEST POST" in the subject!

Ever since I was a child I always had weird things happen to me.  From dreams that come true, seeing people when I wake up, to objects being moved around the house.   So I have several stories to share.   A few years ago I spoke to a local ghost hunter about these experiences and she asked me if I have ever got in an accident and almost died.  I said no but I did have to be revived after a major allergic reaction at 4 months old that left me in a coma for a month.  She said this is why I had so many weird experiences. 
When I was 13 I was living with my step grandmother and grandfather, he was dying from cancer and choose to remain at home till he passed.  My grandfather was a silly man and likes to tinker around the house.  He had an obsession with checking the fuses in the fuse box.  It was old screw in style.  A few days after he passed my grandmother put away his watch and wallet in the dinning room hutch.   We went to the store and came home.  When we got home all the lights were not turning on in the house.   My grandmother went to check the fuse and ever single fuse was unscrew.  She came back up and turn on the lights and his wallet and watch were sitting on the edge of the hutch.  Must have been his final goodbye. 
A few years later my fascination with ghosts; turned into me and grandmother doing the Ouija board.  I know corny.   We were supposedly communicating with people, and I had countless stories given to me by ghosts.  Who they were how they died… on and on….. We started talking to my grandfather.  One day we ask how to we know that this is real and it is just not one pushing the dial.  He told me to go look at the picture on the wall of him.  So I did and the damn thing flew off the wall.  After 6 months of talking to my grandfather, my grandmother received a phone call late at night.  The lady introduce herself as a local physic and she receive a warning from an Albert(my grandfather), to tell us to stop using the Ouija board that it is not him and we are in danger.   So from there on out we stop.  No one knew we  were even doing the Ouija board so it could of no way been someone pranking us.
My experiences after that mainly remained with dreams.  It became a common thing with my friends and family to ask me about my dreams because there was 80% chance they were coming true.  The last dream the came true for me was 7 years ago ,I had a very vivid dream of a man dying on my couch.  I couldn’t see his face and assume it was one of the dreams that would not come true.  However a few weeks later my father in law had a massive heart on my couch and died.  I haven’t had a dream come true since.
The last and one of the weirdest things for me was about 6 years.  I was pregnant and I just got a set of ultrasounds done.  They printed out the pictures and I took them home.  My sister in law was looking at them and said OK here’s the baby but who in the heck is that in the picture.  Opposite side and upside down of the baby was a image of a bearded man who just happens to look identical to my decease father.  I took my ultrasound with me to my next doctor’s appointment thinking well maybe this is a common thing to happen due to distortion or something.  She said in her 30 years of being a doctor she has never seen anything like that and she is completely freaked out.  I am included the picture of the ultrasound and my father.  I have the original copy and can prove that there had never been any editing done to it. 



Monday, August 26, 2013

Holly's Ghost Story

A few days ago I asked my fans on Facebook to submit their ghost stories. I have had a few very interesting submissions and I hope to get more. 

Here is the first story, submitted by Holly. 

 I left husband and moved into a really old building that has a lot of history to it. It was a old hotel then bar, and then an assisted living home but was shut down. It had 3 floors and a basement, My son and I rented an apartment on the second floor. I had to clean all the rooms in common area to pay for my rent. I was in one of the rooms putting some stuff away and got a very uneasy feeling, then the door shut, so I opened it back up thinking maybe the floor was unlevel or something. I left the room and never went back in that room again alone. A few weeks after living there I was in the living room. I had a lot of plants in there and then heard my plants leaves moving. I turned around to look and nothing was there, but a half hour later the same thing happened. Then about a month later my son and I was in the kitchen at the table talking and he turned white as a ghost. I asked him what was wrong and he said something just poked him on his shoulder blade and slid down his back. I looked at his back and there was a red line right where he said it happened. He was terrified. If I wasn't home when he got home from school he would not go into the apartment by himself.  About 3 weeks later I was on my computer and the plant leaves were shuffling again. 20 minutes later I heard a very loud and long fart. I was to scared to look, but after a few seconds I turned around and I already knew nothing was going be there. I just started laughing at myself thinking oh my God I have a ghost that farts. It was scary but I just couldn't believe that I had a farting ghost, that was crazy. I told my son when he got home from school but he didn't find the humor in it cause he was terrified about what happened to him. I don't know if this is a good ghost story or not but I thought that I would share it anyway. 

Thanks Holly for the story! Do you have a story to tell? Send it to Please write Guest Post on the subject line. If I use your story, I will send you a Stillwell and Brood X gift pack!  

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Waverly Hills Sanatorium sits on land that was originally purchased by Major Thomas H. Hays in 1883. He started a one room school house on the land for her daughters. He hired a woman named Lizzie Lee Harris to teach at the school. Her love for the tiny school in addition to her fondness for Scott’s “Waverley Novels”, prompted her to name the little school house, “Waverley School.” Major Hays liked the name, and chose to name his property “Waverley Hill.” 

Originally, Waverly Hills Sanatorium was a two-story frame building. Construction began in 1908, and opened for business on July 26, 1910. The building was designed to safely accommodate 40-50 tuberculosis patients. Tuberculosis quickly became an epidemic. The TB clinic was filled with more than 140 people and desperately needed a much larger hospita to treat those afflicted with the condition. Patients, nurses, doctors and other employees had to say goodbye to everything they knew on the outside world because once you went to Waverly Hills, you became a permanent resident. Many of the treatments for tuberculosis were experimental. They were often brutal, causing extreme pain to the patient both during and after the procedure. Many of the treatments left the patient with horrific scars and often times, disfigurement and many patients died.

The massive, collegiate, gothic style Sanatorium that you see in the 1926 photo (left), remains standing on Waverly Hill, today. It could accommodate at least 400 patients and was considered one of the most modern and well equipped facilities at the time. Construction of this Sanatorium began in March 1924 and opened for business on October 17, 1926. The facility served as a tuberculosis hospital until 1961, when the discovery of an antibiotic that successfully treated and cured TB rendered the facility obsolete. It was closed down and quarantined, then renovated. In 1962, the building reopened as WoodHaven Medical Services, a geriatric facility. WoodHaven Medical was closed by the state in 1980.

Waverly Hills is often called "the most haunted place on Earth." With a reported 63,000 deaths, 
it is possible. The most famous reported locations of Paranormal activity include  Room 502. A 
Waverly Hills nurse supposedly hung herself after becoming pregnant out of wedlock and another 
nurse allegedly jumped from the rooftop after battling long-term depression.

The "Death Tunnel"  was made famous by ghostly tales and haunted stories.  The "Death 
Tunnel" is an inclined corridor that was constructed as an employee entrance/exit, to move 
supplies to and from the main building and was also used to transport bodies from the 
hospital to the bottom of the hill where they were picked up by local funeral homes.There are 
stories of the ghost of a young child that loves to play with a bouncing a ball.  The boy has 
been named "Timmy".  

Another common apparition often reported  is that of a young girl with no eyes. This girl is 
often referred to as "Mary", based on a photograph of a young woman found in the building, 
which was signed, "Love, Mary Lee." There are also sightings of the ghost of a homeless man 
and his dog. The two are rumored to have been found dead in a non-functioning elevator by
police in the mid-1990s, when the complex was abandoned. Another purported ghost includes 
an elderly woman running out of the main entrance and begging for help.

Many people report the phenomenon of shadow people. There are other reports of ghostly 
children playing on the old rooftop playground and many visitors claim to have seen glowing 
orbs. Some claim that entire rooms at Waverly Hills light up at night for no reason. Is it 
haunted? You decide. You can visit their website and sign up for tours during the day, or at 
night if you dare!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Three Mile House

In Edwardsville, Illinois there was purportedly a house named, The Three Mile House. It burned down to the ground in 1985 and no longer exists. However, the original occupants may still haunt the grounds and area.

Built in 1852 by one Frederick Gaerter to be used for hunting. The house was apparently used for other purposes. During the Civil War Era the house was said to have been used as a hospital for wounded soldiers but even more importantly in history, one of the stops for the Underground Railroad. 

It is said that the house had underground tunnels that ran all the way to a gazebo in the nearby St. James Cemetery. At the gazebo a hidden door underneath it, lead escapees to freedom and on to another stop in the 'Railroad'. 

The house was eventually turned into a restaurant as it was in 1985 at the time it burned down.
Former resident ghost often appeared including former runaways. One man, named Tom had apparently committed suicide trying to escape. A young girl, said to be 12 by the name of Celia had also been seen.
Lilacs could be smelled in the place from a ghostly lady who often appeared in black.

Other people who have visited the surrounding area near the cemetery have reported feelings of general creepiness. Is this the former Underground Railroad people trying so desperately to get out or is it the past coming to tell of something so horrific long ago?

You decide.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Do You Have A Story To Share?

This following ghostly story is told by a person who used to work at the building at 1 Campbell Plaza in St. Louis, MO.

Reportedly, in the 1870's this was a poor house.  It later became the City Infirmary, then the Chronic Hospital. The ghost of a little girl in white has been seen, also a white mist has been reported to float across the floors. People have reported  tingling sensations on their skin.

"How I came to work at this building is that I was hired by a home care agency to work in their medical records office. I am not allowed to say what the agency was but I did work for them from 2000 on.

From the very first day I started there, I had heard the tales of the girl in white. Whom if I recall, we nicknamed "Sarah". As I said, the office staff used to tell these stories. I thought it to be a hoax for the longest time. Even the janitor said he was on a ladder one time and looked down to see "Sarah" holding it for him.

I thought they were nuts.That was until I encountered her presence.
It was not unusual for strange things to happen in this building. The tingling sensations or things moving on their own or things not to work like the copier. "Sarah" was blamed for all of these things.

One time, I was back in the medical records office and files flew off the shelf on to the floor. I mean like a whole shelf of files. The records never came out of the envelopes but just stacked up on the floor. As soon as someone mentioned it was her being mischievous, that was the end of it and I was a believer.

I was told that "Sarah" was born to one of the chronic patients aka severely mentally handicapped and got stuck there due to being poor. She apparently died there as well. Sad story."

~Story by M.

Do you have a story to tell? Please share! Send your story to and if I post it, I will send you a free Brood X shirt! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sutton Scarsdale Hall

Sutton Scarsdale Hall was said to be one of the finest houses in the Derbyshire area. Now a ruined shell, the mansion stands proudly on a hill overlooking the Bolsover Valley. The original building was grand. Unfortunately, after being sold, it fell into great disrepair. In the 1920s, parts of it were auctioned off and allegedly sold to film sets.
By 1946, the building had deteriorated so much that demolition was scheduled.  Thanks to Sir Osbert Sitwell, the building was preserved. It now stands as a skeleton but a few of its grand fittings and fixtures  remain, which serve as as testament to the hard work and grand craftsmanship that went into creating the hall. There have been several reports of paranormal activity throughout the years. Cold spots, strange apparitions, the smell of tobacco and shadows are frequently reported. Many believe that Nicholas Leake is one of the ghosts and a rather romantic but chilling tale could just confirm this. He was the 4th and last Earl of Scarsdale. When he left for the Crusades, he took out his sword and split his wedding ring in half. The Earl gave half to his wife and kept the other half as good luck. Unfortunately, he was captured and spent many years in a prison. 
One day, he was dreaming of home and he was transported through the air by rather mysterious gust of wind and landed in the porch at the church of the hall. He went to the doors of his house but no one recognized him. He demanded to be let in but they refused him, believing that he was just a beggar trying to get in. At that point he would have been dressed in rags and had long untidy hair and probably a beard. He took out his half of his wedding ring and told the servants to pass it onto his wife. She put the two pieces together and realized her husband had returned home.
Witnesses have reported a grey figure wandering the graveyard towards the church. Nicholas has also been thought to haunt the porch at the church hall and to wander the grounds. People have also reported the sight of a floating dismembered arm that beckons the witness into the cellar. The cellar has been closed off for years. Do you believe the stories? Below is a postcard (from 1905) that was taken of the gardener on the grounds of the estate. Look closely and you will catch an unexplained image, reported to be one of the ghosts haunting the grounds!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Stillwell Is Ranked Number Three On Amazon!

Have you read my book, Stillwell: A Haunting On Long Island yet? 
It is currently ranked #3 on under ghost. I am so grateful to all of you who have left such great reviews about my book.

I want to share some of those today with you.
"His descriptions of paranormal activities were believable, and not overdone. I found myself becoming involved with the characters and relating to their thoughts, feelings and personal dilemmas. I thought I had the end figured out, but was wrong, and was therefore delighted with the way the author pulled in all the loose ends. Although Stillwell is the suspenseful story of a haunting, it is also a well-written love story. For readers who are looking for an entertaining, and somewhat thought provoking novel, particularly if you enjoy anything paranormal, I recommend Stillwell, without reservation." ~Karen B.

"If you like ghost stories, and love stories, if you are a parent or a sibling or a child, you will relate to this book. This author has the ability to reach out from the page and touch you on so many different levels. The book opens after the death of the main characters wife, Allison. 

The pain he is going through and how it paralyses him is so real that you are immediately connected to his pain and his inability to get moving.

Once you pick this book up don't expect to put it down until the very end. It is nearly impossible to stop reading this authors prose." ~Michelle

"I enjoyed this read once I got into it. I loved the locals and the way the author described them giving you a mind's eye picture of where you were.The characters were also well done and the description of them definitely brought them to life. It was quick paced, taking you from one event to another, building up the suspense and leaving you wondering, wanting to know. The story had sorrow for sure, but it was packed with suspense, mystery, paranormal events and a satisfying ending. I recommend this read, I believe you will enjoy it." ~Shirley J.

"... there are plenty of good old-fashioned Gothic plot elements here, including a haunting by an ancestral ghost, the plot of illegitimate children and family secrets, and even a discovered old manuscript. Tying into that are more modern elements that are not so much horror or Gothic as paranormal, including a love story and a psychic who comes to do a cleansing of the house. And to top it off, there's a great twist about who is really causing the haunting." ~Tyler

"If you like creepy old houses, hauntings and happy endings then this is the book for you. I am really hoping that it will be made into a movie soon." ~Sharon

If you have not read my book yet, you can get it on for 99 cents in e-book form! If you have read it, I would love to get your feedback. Please leave a review on Amazon!

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Charleston's Battery Carriage House Inn

 In Charleston, you’ll find that spirits are just as much a part of the city as the living. Battery Carriage House Inn is reportedly home to several ghosts and is also known as “Charleston’s most haunted inn.” Guests and employees alike have had odd encounters.  Many of the occurrences are similar. While some may attribute these occurrences to the peculiarities of an old house, several guests are sure their ghostly experiences were real.

There were some initial reports of activity in 1992. The “gentleman ghost” and the headless torso began making appearances to unsuspecting guests. These ghosts are now having their stories told by tour guides, who often mention various Charleston ghost legends in their stories. The gentleman ghost could be a young man whose family owned the house earlier in the century. He was a sensitive and cultivated college student who, for no reason known to anyone, jumped off the roof and killed himself.

Another infamous ghost of Charleston, the headless torso, is likely a man from the Civil War era. The Battery was an active artillery installation during the siege of Charleston, and all the houses in this area were damaged and abandoned during the four-year bombardment. There is no evidence that the torso intends harm, although guests have naturally felt threatened. Guests have also experienced light energy and other strange occurrences. If you make plans to stay, be prepared for footsteps, ghostly lights and apparitions. Who knows, like one guest, maybe you will also have a chance to see what it's like to sleep with a ghost! You can read more about the hauntings here!

Monday, August 12, 2013

So...What's The Scariest Thing That Has Happened To You?

What is the scariest thing that has happened to you? Did you hate going into the basement? Did you have monsters under your bed or in the closet? Did you hear noises, doors closing, footsteps on the stairs, or voices? Please share!

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Brood Ten is vicious and ready to invade.

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A Haunting In Strasbourg, PA

In Strasbourg, PA, in the county of Lancaster, there is a home that has been said to be haunted by at least two people, a husband and wife duo. It is not know the names of the proposed couple.

The home built near a mill where the husband worked is the site of the first death for the two. The supposed haunting is what makes legends. 

The main story that surrounds this haunting is that the husband was working at the mill quite frenzied. In his rush to do his work he suffered a severe injury from the spinning blades that cut off his hand. Since there was no phone service or nearby hospital, he apparently went to his home nearby to get help from his wife.
His injuries being too severe, his wife could do nothing but see him suffer. He apparently died at their home.

The second death of the wife, is not as clear. All that is known is she committed suicide not long after the death of her husband. She was so distraught from his death that this was her way out.

Sightings of the two have been seen on the grounds of the home but mainly near the pond. Observers have seen a woman in white walking around the pond and even in or hovering over the pond.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Montauk Manor

Sitting ominously on the top of a hill overlooking the village of Montauk, the manor conjures up thoughts of Stephen King’s “The Shining”. Wandering through spacious lobbies and luxuriant well-stocked rooms it is easy to imagine the many veins of history that run through these walls. Sometimes, that history comes to life.
In 1925, multi-millionaire Carl Fisher came up with an idea to create the "most fabulous summer resort ever imagined in the western world". Having formerly developed Miami Beach, Fisher knew what he wanted. The resort would contain a beach club, yacht club, polo fields, a golf course, glass enclosed tennis courts, a boardwalk along the ocean, a ranch, and health spa. The icing to the cake would be a 200 room luxury hotel in the Tudor style set atop Signal Hill in Montauk NY. 
Fisher opened the hotel in 1927, and it quickly filled up with the rich and famous. But try as he might, hewould never fully realize his dream with the coming of the Great Depression. The only remnants left of his vision are the manor hotel and the playhouse.
But aside from the ravages of economic depression, there was a darker history here that stretches back much further in time. 3,000 years before white men walked Long Island, there was a tribe called the Montauketts in the very same area where the hotel stands. 

In 1620 Wyandanche was the most well respected sachem of the Montaukett tribe. He had grown very close to Lyon Gardiner of the historic Gardiner family. They even went through a blood brother ritual. This closeness with his white brother, also a very prominent figure, would be both boon and curse for Wyandanche. 
Though the Montauketts were at peace with the settlers, they were always at war with the Pequots and Narragansetts from New England. These tribes led an attack against the British settlers of Long Island, and Wyandanch’s tribe stepped in to fight on the side of the settlers due to his bond with Gardiner. This further alienated the Montauketts from the other tribes. In the end, the Narragansetts invaded again and nearly wiped out the Montaukett tribe, leaving many dead on both sides right where the hotel stands. Wyandanche’s daughter was captured and ransomed during this battle. When he could not come up with the funds, Lyon Gardiner stepped in and paid the ransom so his daughter could be rescued. The low lying land just next to the hill was called “slaughter valley” because of this battle.

But these were not the only Native Americans to have been buried on the spot where the hotel stands. After speaking with a very knowledgeable Montaukett during our stay at the hotel, we learned that the hill had long been a burial place for chiefs of all Native American tribes on Long Island, even all the way to Canarsie. So the hill held many graves covering a long period of time buried just beneath the ground. When the hotel was built, these bones were discovered and were mixed with lime to be shaped into the foundation of the manor. The building literally stands on the bones of Native American ancestors.

And yet history was not quite done with the hill. Theodore Roosevelt passed through with his Rough Riders who had come down with yellow fever. The disease spread so fast that Roosevelt rushed them to the top of the sacred hill, with men dying along the way. In 1962 the manor also closed, to remain abandoned and empty for 20 years.

But today the hotel has blossomed despite its sordid past. However there are some permanent guests that apparently still linger. There have been many reports of an Indian chief roaming the halls and appearing at the foot of the bed.  A business man saw him once floating by on the first floor and alerted the manager, but he has been seen on every floor. Strange noises on the fourth floor above him caused Jimmy, a maintenance engineer working at the manor to move out of his room on the third floor.

According to “Ghosts of Long Island, general manager Janice Nessel once received a call from someone whose tribe was having a reunion not far from the hotel. This was during Labor Day Weekend. They wanted to put up a teepee and set it on fire in the parking lot. They felt it would put the spirit of the Chief at peace. Needless to say this did not exactly meet town codes and the ceremony was never performed.

Many interesting stories were revealed to us during our stay there as well. Two men on the second floor saw a black sphere roll across their floor and then disintegrate into nothing right before their eyes. A two year old on the first floor started yelling “Ghost” and carrying on so much that the parents had to cut their stay short and leave the same night at 2AM.

A woman staying during the middle of winter called the front desk frantic because she heard someone speaking a foreign language in her room while she was in the shower. There were only 5 people at the hotel and none of them were lodged net to, above, or below her room. After an initial fruitless check the woman called for security again saying that she could still hear it. No one was ever found.

The elevator doors in the lobby are said to open on their own. One of our members, Max, spotted this while it happened. We also had another elevator open on its own while we were in the basement. The night front desk manger could give us no explanation.

Aside from the ghostly legends, there are also strong rumors that there is a tunnel connecting Montauk Manor to Camp Hero. Though our search for the tunnel led to a dead end, we were spotted by the Montaukett gentleman at the front desk which led to a wonderfully informative discussion that went on until 6AM.Though the Indian Chief did not show himself to us during our stay, we still had a wonderful time.

Between the ghostly legends, the amazingly detailed and long history, and the luxury, Montauk Manor is definitely something to see. And if you suddenly find yourself with a surprise guest in your hotel room or elevator, tell the chief we said hi.

Michael Phillip Cash

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Lady In Black

There is a place called Bradley Woods. It is located in Grimsby Lincolnshire. These famous woods are mentioned in the Doomsday Book 1086 and they are known to be over a 1000 years old.
There are several stories behind the haunting of these woods. The most famous story is about The Lady in Black.

A Woodsman and his lovely wife lived in the woods around the 'War of The Roses' times, which was around 1470. The woodsman was sent to war for 'Lord Yarbourough's army' and never returned.
His distraught wife was said to have waited everyday, looking for him, while holding their baby in her arms. One day she was attacked and her attackers took her baby. She was said to have wandered around, looking for both her baby and husband but she collapsed and died. She is said to haunt the woods and the road. There have been numerous sightings from drivers who drive through the woods have reported a light approaching from the field, the a woman in black sometimes stands at the side of the road and runs into your car. Often there is a loud thump, like the drivers have hit something but when they get out to investigate, nothing is there and no marks on the car. 

Picture taken from
Rod Collins