Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Haunting In Strasbourg, PA

In Strasbourg, PA, in the county of Lancaster, there is a home that has been said to be haunted by at least two people, a husband and wife duo. It is not know the names of the proposed couple.

The home built near a mill where the husband worked is the site of the first death for the two. The supposed haunting is what makes legends. 

The main story that surrounds this haunting is that the husband was working at the mill quite frenzied. In his rush to do his work he suffered a severe injury from the spinning blades that cut off his hand. Since there was no phone service or nearby hospital, he apparently went to his home nearby to get help from his wife.
His injuries being too severe, his wife could do nothing but see him suffer. He apparently died at their home.

The second death of the wife, is not as clear. All that is known is she committed suicide not long after the death of her husband. She was so distraught from his death that this was her way out.

Sightings of the two have been seen on the grounds of the home but mainly near the pond. Observers have seen a woman in white walking around the pond and even in or hovering over the pond.

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  1. I work at a restaurant in the country that is in a log cabin. It is haunted and weird things are always happening there. Piano starts playing, footsteps upstairs, shadows, calculator just starts adding and noises. I will not go upstairs! We store things up there and that's where the ghost is!