Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Do You Have A Story To Share?

This following ghostly story is told by a person who used to work at the building at 1 Campbell Plaza in St. Louis, MO.

Reportedly, in the 1870's this was a poor house.  It later became the City Infirmary, then the Chronic Hospital. The ghost of a little girl in white has been seen, also a white mist has been reported to float across the floors. People have reported  tingling sensations on their skin.

"How I came to work at this building is that I was hired by a home care agency to work in their medical records office. I am not allowed to say what the agency was but I did work for them from 2000 on.

From the very first day I started there, I had heard the tales of the girl in white. Whom if I recall, we nicknamed "Sarah". As I said, the office staff used to tell these stories. I thought it to be a hoax for the longest time. Even the janitor said he was on a ladder one time and looked down to see "Sarah" holding it for him.

I thought they were nuts.That was until I encountered her presence.
It was not unusual for strange things to happen in this building. The tingling sensations or things moving on their own or things not to work like the copier. "Sarah" was blamed for all of these things.

One time, I was back in the medical records office and files flew off the shelf on to the floor. I mean like a whole shelf of files. The records never came out of the envelopes but just stacked up on the floor. As soon as someone mentioned it was her being mischievous, that was the end of it and I was a believer.

I was told that "Sarah" was born to one of the chronic patients aka severely mentally handicapped and got stuck there due to being poor. She apparently died there as well. Sad story."

~Story by M.

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