Friday, August 30, 2013

Erica's Stories...

My next guest post was sent in by Erica. I loved each story she told and I thought you would too. Thank you Erica for your contribution. If anyone has a story they'd like to share, please send it in an email to me with "GUEST POST" in the subject!

Ever since I was a child I always had weird things happen to me.  From dreams that come true, seeing people when I wake up, to objects being moved around the house.   So I have several stories to share.   A few years ago I spoke to a local ghost hunter about these experiences and she asked me if I have ever got in an accident and almost died.  I said no but I did have to be revived after a major allergic reaction at 4 months old that left me in a coma for a month.  She said this is why I had so many weird experiences. 
When I was 13 I was living with my step grandmother and grandfather, he was dying from cancer and choose to remain at home till he passed.  My grandfather was a silly man and likes to tinker around the house.  He had an obsession with checking the fuses in the fuse box.  It was old screw in style.  A few days after he passed my grandmother put away his watch and wallet in the dinning room hutch.   We went to the store and came home.  When we got home all the lights were not turning on in the house.   My grandmother went to check the fuse and ever single fuse was unscrew.  She came back up and turn on the lights and his wallet and watch were sitting on the edge of the hutch.  Must have been his final goodbye. 
A few years later my fascination with ghosts; turned into me and grandmother doing the Ouija board.  I know corny.   We were supposedly communicating with people, and I had countless stories given to me by ghosts.  Who they were how they died… on and on….. We started talking to my grandfather.  One day we ask how to we know that this is real and it is just not one pushing the dial.  He told me to go look at the picture on the wall of him.  So I did and the damn thing flew off the wall.  After 6 months of talking to my grandfather, my grandmother received a phone call late at night.  The lady introduce herself as a local physic and she receive a warning from an Albert(my grandfather), to tell us to stop using the Ouija board that it is not him and we are in danger.   So from there on out we stop.  No one knew we  were even doing the Ouija board so it could of no way been someone pranking us.
My experiences after that mainly remained with dreams.  It became a common thing with my friends and family to ask me about my dreams because there was 80% chance they were coming true.  The last dream the came true for me was 7 years ago ,I had a very vivid dream of a man dying on my couch.  I couldn’t see his face and assume it was one of the dreams that would not come true.  However a few weeks later my father in law had a massive heart on my couch and died.  I haven’t had a dream come true since.
The last and one of the weirdest things for me was about 6 years.  I was pregnant and I just got a set of ultrasounds done.  They printed out the pictures and I took them home.  My sister in law was looking at them and said OK here’s the baby but who in the heck is that in the picture.  Opposite side and upside down of the baby was a image of a bearded man who just happens to look identical to my decease father.  I took my ultrasound with me to my next doctor’s appointment thinking well maybe this is a common thing to happen due to distortion or something.  She said in her 30 years of being a doctor she has never seen anything like that and she is completely freaked out.  I am included the picture of the ultrasound and my father.  I have the original copy and can prove that there had never been any editing done to it. 




  1. I should have grammar and spell check! Not a breaded man " bearded". That would of been freaky. I promise I have taken several college level English courses, lets just say I am better at Science. LOL

  2. Hi Erica, You will be happy to know that I changed it from the breaded man, lol!Don't hesitate to send more stories my way! Send me your email address and I will send you some Stillwell and Brood X items!