Monday, August 26, 2013

Holly's Ghost Story

A few days ago I asked my fans on Facebook to submit their ghost stories. I have had a few very interesting submissions and I hope to get more. 

Here is the first story, submitted by Holly. 

 I left husband and moved into a really old building that has a lot of history to it. It was a old hotel then bar, and then an assisted living home but was shut down. It had 3 floors and a basement, My son and I rented an apartment on the second floor. I had to clean all the rooms in common area to pay for my rent. I was in one of the rooms putting some stuff away and got a very uneasy feeling, then the door shut, so I opened it back up thinking maybe the floor was unlevel or something. I left the room and never went back in that room again alone. A few weeks after living there I was in the living room. I had a lot of plants in there and then heard my plants leaves moving. I turned around to look and nothing was there, but a half hour later the same thing happened. Then about a month later my son and I was in the kitchen at the table talking and he turned white as a ghost. I asked him what was wrong and he said something just poked him on his shoulder blade and slid down his back. I looked at his back and there was a red line right where he said it happened. He was terrified. If I wasn't home when he got home from school he would not go into the apartment by himself.  About 3 weeks later I was on my computer and the plant leaves were shuffling again. 20 minutes later I heard a very loud and long fart. I was to scared to look, but after a few seconds I turned around and I already knew nothing was going be there. I just started laughing at myself thinking oh my God I have a ghost that farts. It was scary but I just couldn't believe that I had a farting ghost, that was crazy. I told my son when he got home from school but he didn't find the humor in it cause he was terrified about what happened to him. I don't know if this is a good ghost story or not but I thought that I would share it anyway. 

Thanks Holly for the story! Do you have a story to tell? Send it to Please write Guest Post on the subject line. If I use your story, I will send you a Stillwell and Brood X gift pack!  

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