Saturday, August 31, 2013

Shanna's Story

One of my readers from Facebook shared this story with me. I enjoyed it so much, I wanted to share with you! This is Shanna's story...


Growing up, my front yard was a an old graveyard. There are only two tombstones still standing, and 

no one recalls the name of the family buried there. We never thought anything about white orbs of 

light back then, but we never had much happen. My grandparents still live there to this day, and I live 

on top of the hill now with my kids. I was about 9 when my parents divorced and we went to live with 

my mom's parents. That's when my whole life changed. That house always gave me bad vibes when 

we went to visit, but living there.... was like hell. You were never alone, and you never went to sleep 

without a flashlight.

 There were 4 soldiers upstairs, which I can still see clearly in my mind today... as well as a young 

girl who looked amazingly like me, and an older woman who would stand peering out the window 

scornfully. They were the good ones... There was pure evil in that old house too, and it is still there.

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