Monday, August 19, 2013

Sutton Scarsdale Hall

Sutton Scarsdale Hall was said to be one of the finest houses in the Derbyshire area. Now a ruined shell, the mansion stands proudly on a hill overlooking the Bolsover Valley. The original building was grand. Unfortunately, after being sold, it fell into great disrepair. In the 1920s, parts of it were auctioned off and allegedly sold to film sets.
By 1946, the building had deteriorated so much that demolition was scheduled.  Thanks to Sir Osbert Sitwell, the building was preserved. It now stands as a skeleton but a few of its grand fittings and fixtures  remain, which serve as as testament to the hard work and grand craftsmanship that went into creating the hall. There have been several reports of paranormal activity throughout the years. Cold spots, strange apparitions, the smell of tobacco and shadows are frequently reported. Many believe that Nicholas Leake is one of the ghosts and a rather romantic but chilling tale could just confirm this. He was the 4th and last Earl of Scarsdale. When he left for the Crusades, he took out his sword and split his wedding ring in half. The Earl gave half to his wife and kept the other half as good luck. Unfortunately, he was captured and spent many years in a prison. 
One day, he was dreaming of home and he was transported through the air by rather mysterious gust of wind and landed in the porch at the church of the hall. He went to the doors of his house but no one recognized him. He demanded to be let in but they refused him, believing that he was just a beggar trying to get in. At that point he would have been dressed in rags and had long untidy hair and probably a beard. He took out his half of his wedding ring and told the servants to pass it onto his wife. She put the two pieces together and realized her husband had returned home.
Witnesses have reported a grey figure wandering the graveyard towards the church. Nicholas has also been thought to haunt the porch at the church hall and to wander the grounds. People have also reported the sight of a floating dismembered arm that beckons the witness into the cellar. The cellar has been closed off for years. Do you believe the stories? Below is a postcard (from 1905) that was taken of the gardener on the grounds of the estate. Look closely and you will catch an unexplained image, reported to be one of the ghosts haunting the grounds!

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  1. Could you see Scarsdale Hall get restored in the same manner as Riber Castle in Matlock or Hellifield Peel Castle in North Yorkshire?