Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Three Mile House

In Edwardsville, Illinois there was purportedly a house named, The Three Mile House. It burned down to the ground in 1985 and no longer exists. However, the original occupants may still haunt the grounds and area.

Built in 1852 by one Frederick Gaerter to be used for hunting. The house was apparently used for other purposes. During the Civil War Era the house was said to have been used as a hospital for wounded soldiers but even more importantly in history, one of the stops for the Underground Railroad. 

It is said that the house had underground tunnels that ran all the way to a gazebo in the nearby St. James Cemetery. At the gazebo a hidden door underneath it, lead escapees to freedom and on to another stop in the 'Railroad'. 

The house was eventually turned into a restaurant as it was in 1985 at the time it burned down.
Former resident ghost often appeared including former runaways. One man, named Tom had apparently committed suicide trying to escape. A young girl, said to be 12 by the name of Celia had also been seen.
Lilacs could be smelled in the place from a ghostly lady who often appeared in black.

Other people who have visited the surrounding area near the cemetery have reported feelings of general creepiness. Is this the former Underground Railroad people trying so desperately to get out or is it the past coming to tell of something so horrific long ago?

You decide.

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