Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Brooke's Ghost Story

Brooke is the writer for my next guest post. She found out the noises in her home were due to more than just a little settling. Read her story below!

When I was 7 my parents bought a small farm in northern Caldwell County. The house was hadn't been lived in for several years and in dire need of repair, but my folks were optimistic. The back porch had been walled in at some point and was being used as a family room, but oh the windows! There were no less than 15 windows in that room alone. My first time seeing the house was right after my parents closed on the house. We were remodeling and tearing out the old carpet in the family room and found this HUGE blood stain on the floor. After a frantic call to the realtor, we were assured this was just from skinning deer, so my parents continued the remodel and replaced the stained floor boards. The first few years in that house, we often experienced extreme temperature variations, and heard strange noises, etc. but my parents always said, "it's an old house, they aren't insulated well and creak."

I was about 14 when I saw my first ghost there. I had fallen asleep in the family room and woke up when I heard the back door close. I started to get up and go to bed. It was dark in the room but we had a security light in the back yard that shown through some of the windows. As I got up I looked out the windows and saw what appeared to be people, kids included, dressed in old fashioned frontier style clothing walking around in a procession style outside my house (it reminded me of a funeral). I was scared but wanted to find out why these people were walking around in my back yard, so I went to the door and opened it up. There was no one outside. I came back in and looked out again, only to still see the procession walk.

After that experience we regularly heard footsteps walking thought the house and closed doors would open, open doors would shut, things would be moved around nightly. I decided to research the area by talking to some of the older neighbors to find out from them what the back story to my house really was. According to one of the oldest neighbors, at some point our house had been the sight of a Night Rider raid in Caldwell County. The blood stain, according to the oldest neighbor was the remnants of a killing that had taken place there. She said that the family was buried somewhere on the property. She also asked me if we had seen a blood stain on the porch floor yet? When I told her yes we had, she said that no matter how many times the floor would be replaced, the stain always came back.

All the years spent exploring those woods I had never seen any sign of a cemetery. Then one fall, while exploring the woods behind my house, my nephew and I actually found a small family burial plot. There appeared to be 5 graves there. They had tombstones but the stones were so weathered we couldn't determine who they were any longer or how long ago they had died.

Ten years ago my mom and dad replaced the floor in their family room. When they removed the carpet, the area where the blood stain had been was discolored and much darker than the rest of the floor boards. Seems just as my neighbor had said, the stain was back.


Thank you Brooke for sharing your story with my friends and blog followers!

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