Friday, September 20, 2013

Ghosts Of New Orleans

One of the most reported haunted places in the United States is New Orleans.
Considering how old the city is, its reputation for voodoo and partying, it is really no wonder.
For those that visit New Orleans, there is just about something for everyone.
It is said that due to the dead having to be buried above ground because of water issues , they are unsettled and walk among the living. One not need to be scared of all but more like, aware.
Some noted hotels have great paranormal activities. I will share of a few with you.
The Hotel Provincial
The Hotel Provincial is located in the French Quarters of New Orleans. This hotel at one point was actually a military hospital for the Confederate Army.  People staying here have reported blood on linens and walls appearing from nowhere.In addition, the groans of hurting soldiers can be heard, apparitions of soldiers and staff appear and disappear.There is even a report of the hotels elevator opening to reveal the whole original hospital.
The Andrew Jackson Hotel
The Andrew Jackson Hotel sits on land that was originally a boarding school for children.
In the late 1700's, five children died in a fire that swept through the school. The school was abandoned. However, guest to the now hotel have reported children playing in the courtyard in the middle of the night.
The Lamothe House Hotel
The Lamothe House Hotel is yet another place to stay where the sounds of children playing and laughing can be heard in the middle of the night. Reports of their mother has also been seen walking around.  A lady in red who appears and disappears is the most famous of "guest" for this house.
This hotel was the site of several murders and suicides.


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