Monday, September 23, 2013

The Blennerhassett Hotel

In West Virginia there is a historic hotel called the Blennerhassett Hotel that sits on the corner of Market and 4TH Street in downtown Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Opened in 1889, Blennerhassett Hotel welcomed many a traveler that came on the Northwestern Turnpike. The hotel is built in the Victorian style with beautiful red brick made from terracotta brick that gives it its reddish hue. This hotel hosted the likes of river men, railroad travelers and people traveling in horse and buggy.

With its rich history, is it so impossible that it is also haunted too?

Aside from the every day guest that frequent this beauty of a hotel, there is reportedly a variety of ghost that also 'live' here. A widely reported spirit is said to be a man in grey who is usually seen on the second floor of the hotel. Apparently, the elevator will make unplanned stops on this particular floor as well.

In the history of the hotel, there are reports of a woman who was killed in front of the hotel when a runaway driver killed her. Some people have seen this same woman crying and roaming the hotel. A young boy is sometimes seen too. Are they related?

What do you think? Would you check in here?

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