Monday, September 16, 2013

The Goldfield Hotel

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There are many hotels across the country that are synonymous with ghostly hauntings. Some famous and some not so famous. One such famous of hotels is located on highway 95 between Reno and Las Vegas in the town of Goldfield.

The Goldfield Hotel was built in 1907 with no expense spared as the cost topped up to $400,000. The hotel was built in the shape of a "U" so that all the hotel guest could have a window view of the town. Each room boasted having private bathrooms, plush carpeting and fine furnishings. Crystal chandeliers and even an elevator could be seen in the Goldfield. Being built of granite the hotel was made to last the sands of time.

Up through the Second World War, the hotel was in operation. The hotel was featured in several movies. It was sold in the early 2000's to a developer who was to return the hotel to its former glory. However, the triumphant return has not quite taken place. Could it be because it is haunted?

Several famous television paranormal investigators have done research in the hotel including TAPS, Ghost Hunters, and most recently in 2013, Ghost Adventurers. All have witnessed paranormal happenings but as with many television shows, these reports have varied.

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