Friday, September 6, 2013

The Molly Brown House

We often think that all haunted houses should be broken down or spooky looking in some sort of way.
Well, that is not usually true. In fact, many haunted houses are rather stately in nature and yet, are true haunted houses.

Take for example, the Molly Brown House in Denver, Colorado. Does it look like a haunted house to you?

Molly Brown House
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Molly Brown's reputation is based solely on surviving the Titanic and rescuing other survivors. However, what about her house?

The house was built during the silver mining rush of the 1800's by Issac and Mary Large. However, it was sold to Molly Brown and her husband JJ when the Large's lost money in the silver mine crash in the early 1890's.  She owned it until she passed away in 1932.

It has often been reported that Molly, JJ, and their only child, Catherine can be seen roaming around the home and grounds. Catherine's room is usually the area where most of the sighting and paranormal activities have  occurred, windows and blinds sometimes raise by themselves.

The smell of pipe smoke can be smelled in the attic and basement of the home. This is said to be JJ who smoked in hiding from Molly who hated his smoking habits. Also the sound of piano music and rocking chairs moving on their own have been reported.

In addition to the Brown's, other ghostly figures have been seen roaming around the Molly Brown House, now a museum.

Molly's mother who lived with them, has been seen through a bedroom window.

 A possible male servant has been seen in a mirror that hangs near the stately steps.

A lady in white, who seems to like the cameras because she has been captured on film, is said to frequent the dining room and often arranges the furniture in a fashion supposedly the way she likes. 

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