Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Spirits Of Plantation Village

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When you think of Hawaii you tend to think of beautiful waterfalls, luaus, gorgeous flowers and lovely island dancers. You generally think of beauty and peacefulness everywhere.

However, did you know that Hawaii boasts its own paranormal activity. With the multitude of different people that live on the islands beliefs and activity are a mainstay.

One such place is the Plantation Village. This is an old area of Oahu that is actually an outdoor history museum that tells the story of the small houses with in the village that produced sugar cane from 1850 to 1950.

When you tour the village you step back in time as you visit 25 homes from the plantation that has many personal belongings of the people that lived there. The visitor also gets to view various plants brought from the various countries by the immigrants that landed there.

It has been reported that each of the houses has spirits of its own. Which makes sense considering the age of the plantation and that they are all centrally located on one plantation. Apparently, in some of the houses doors open and close on their own.
Other reports have been in the dining hall where un-embodied people have been heard moving around.
What do you think? Would you visit?

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