Friday, September 27, 2013

Would you want to live in one of these houses?

Did you know that all around the country there are people who want to buy real haunted houses?
Did you know that there are real estate agents who provide such a service?  It is true!

Some home owners looking to buy a house are actually looking for the total creep factor. They want to live among the non-living and sometimes pay top dollar to do so.  Real estate agents that specialize in selling the houses for the paranormal can make a mighty fortune in such a sale.

Don't believe me? Check out these real haunted houses for sale.

Per the listing-"Townspeople are hoping a developer will rescue the $995,000 property and make it a five-star resort and restaurant." source

This house for sale is famous because it was once the setting of the story for the "Headless Horseman". It is for sale for 1.2 million and it is said, you can hear the galloping in the middle of the night. source

For a cool 1.2 million this house called the "Surgeon's House" is set in Jerome, AZ which boast to be one of the most haunted towns around. This now bed and breakfast reportedly has several of the now not-so-living roaming its halls.source

This house is for sale at just under $1 million is not haunted. However, it still as listed as a "haunted " house because it was the double for the now well known real haunted house of Amityville Horror fame. By the way, the real Amityville house sold for $1.15 million. source

So, tell me, would you want to live in one of these houses?


  1. To buy? Probably not, although I would visit. I don't know if I'd make it very long if things were starting to get weird but I'd give it a try.

  2. Baumeister's home, Fox Hollow in Noblesville Indiana has had two owners, and gotten on television. This man was a serial killer of gay men and he chopped them up and buried some of them all over his property. I would buy an live in one, preferably a restorable plantation type home with some land, or just haunted land...