Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Castle In Franklin, Ohio

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In the town of Franklin, Ohio, a man by the name of Hannes Tiedmann built a magnificent castle which featured twenty-one rooms, a wine cellar, a ballroom and secret areas which were supposedly for bootlegging. The year it was actually built is as conflicting as the home itself.
The castle has been home to many things over its passage of time but most notably it is "home" to the likes of several ghost who were either murdered or dies by diseases.

One of the most seen ghost in the home is that of a young girl who is tall and seen in all black. She was supposedly hanged in one of the secret passages. The mystery and stories surrounding her are vague and often conflicting but the fact remains, she is there for whatever reason.

Hannes Tiedmann's family was no stranger to death. His older teen daughter died from diabetes complications as well as three other children who died of unknown deaths. His wife died of liver failure. In addition, Hannes apparently shot and killed a mistress. All can be heard roaming the halls of Franklin Castle.

If this is not enough for the history of the castle, it is also was once headquarters for the Nazi's who mass murdered people there, ax murder took place there and mass killings of babies.
It is said that the Nazi's can still be heard having discussions throughout the halls and that the ax murder victim is often seen in the front window.  The discovery of  baby skeletons was discovered in 1970 with an entire room filled with the bones.

The Franklin Castle has been the site of an exorcism as well as scams and vandalism. The home has changed hands numerous times with the most recent purchase in 2011. None-the-less, the ghost still remain.


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