Sunday, October 6, 2013

Caswell House

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In a place called Newnan, Georgia there is a real haunted house called the Caswell House.
This house, now turned museum is owned and operated by the African American alliance and tells the raw history of slavery.

Built in the 1900's several people owned the home and land at various times. It is not well documented who actually owned the home over the years except for the original owners of Ruby and Hoyt Caswell who are brother and sister.

Behind the house is what they call the "shot gun house".  There is also a long forgotten slave cemetery. It is believed several slaves died here and may still roam around the grounds looking for their freedom.

In the main house roams the spirits of Ruby and her brother, Hoyt. Apparently, Ruby can be seen trying desperately to keep evil spirits out of her house. It is said she is also known to play with children that may visit the museum.


  1. So tragic and very sad. Very scary too.

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