Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Aurora Hills Middle School

Do you think it  is only houses, castles, penitentiaries, and sanitariums that are haunted? Think again.
In Aurora, Colorado there is a middle school, Aurora Hills Middle, that has been purported to be haunted by a ghost that had moved from a jail to the school.

It has been reported that the school was built on the same land that an old jail had originally been built and a ghost resided. The jail burned to the ground and the school was built with parts from this facility.Apparently the ghost knew no difference and now haunts the school.

In addition, there is reports of a girl whom had drowned in a pool in 2006 that lived near the school. This girl named Annie is said to also roam the halls of the school.

Is all of this just the tall tales of kids who go to school there to scare their friends or is it the truth?

You decide.

~Michael Phillip Cash

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