Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 Mindquest Review of Books!

New Si-fi Book Review About Social Discord

"Schism: The Battle for Darracia," by Michael Philllip Cash, was approved for review in the summer, 2014 Mindquest Review of Books. The electrifying fantasy novel parallels today’s events about different ideologies, social disparities and unrest.

Family Social Turmoil

This graphic novel is about the separation of the social gap on planet Darracia and the lust for power. The plot mirrors today’s problems generated when the gap widens between the lower and higher social classes and the violent defending of differing ideologies. Numerous times in our history entrenched aging leaders are pitted against the younger generation wanting to create positive change. The novel introspectively introduces this classic battle in a unique setting and in thrilling detail.

The dwellers on the once peaceful planet named Darracia are in the beginning throes of social upheaval. Young Prince V‘sair, a half-breed whose mother is from another planet, is coming-of-age. He undertakes a quest to generate power by transmuting from three ether elements the haunting and elusive "Fireblade," and enters the quest to solve the enigma of the power of the heart’s mettle. V’sair’s uncle, Staf Nuen, is greedy for supreme power. It’s family member against family member as young V’sair deals with difference, coming of age and trying to deny Nuen the conquering of Darracia.

Science Fiction Fantasy

Schism is not a conventional science fiction novel. The story line combines copious elements such as coming of age metamorphosis on a planet much different from earth; political machinations, social unrest at the edge of a sword, cost of social gaps in a complex society, and fast-passed edge-of-your seat action with vivid characterization. "The teen (V’sair)...blazing white hair...whipcord lean...high forehead...wolf-like face...bright blue eyes..."

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