Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Did You Catch My Character Interview?

Today we have the cast from Michael Phillip Cash’s latest book, The Hanging Tree A Novella- It came out this year just in time for Halloween.

Goody Bennett- My favorite holiday!!!! (said with cackling laugh)
Host- Thank you Goody. I can tell you’re in good spirits!
All the ghosts laugh.
Martin- Good spirits that’s funny.  Well, we are all good spirits rather than being in good spirits.
Arthur- Always the purists, Marty!
Martin- It’s Martin, I told you, Martin.
Host- Alright, alright, lets do this interview. We have Goody Bennett and her granddaughter Claire directly from the 15th century, Murielle our Gibson girl from the Victorian period, Martin and Arthur- the Gold Coast students from Harvard. Adding to the mix is high school sweethearts Arielle and Chad and her dad Pete.
Arielle- Well I’d hardly call us sweethearts. We have decided to cool things off.
Host- I can see your steaming there Dad.
Pete- You bet. These kids are too young to be thinking about that kind of stuff.
Arielle- Well if you paid more attention to me than your girlfriend Belinda, maybe I wouldn’t go looking for trouble!
Host- Simmer down. I see Goody that you have your cat here.
Goody Bennett- Aye, That I do. She’s my best friend, Remedy, my cat. Love her to death! Ha ha. Get it, love her to death!
Martin- Most people won’t know exactly what you mean, unless they read The Hanging Tree and see the connection of Remedy and everyone’s fate. She has a propensity to use each and every one of her ninelives.
Host- I see, well, ummm.  Goody, just where does this name Goody come from. Does it mean your a ‘good’ person?
Goody Bennett- O’couse I’m a good person. I take care of all the people in our community, but Goody comes from the custom of when a woman marries and becomes a housewife, people refer to her as  Goody as in Goodwife and then family surname. I married Horatio Bennett, so Goodwife or Goody Bennett I be. ( She is puffing on a corn cob pipe.)
Arthur- Goody please put out that horrid thing. I despise the smoke.( he is waving his hands around)
Goody Bennett- (laughing and choking) Hardly matters to you- you don’t have lungs anymore!
Claire- Oh you are impossible Grandmam. Arthur don’t get her started. She’s going to start with her spells.

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