Friday, January 3, 2014

Powel House

An interesting house in Pennsylvania is the Powel House. Located in Chester County, PA the house dates back to 1765, although not famous until it was purchased in 1769 by Samuel "Patriot" Powel.
Samuel Powel would go down in history as the last mayor for the towns rule under the British government and the first mayor for the new ruling government of the United States. 

It was not so unusual that Samuel Powel and his wife, Elizabeth to host many of political persuasion at their fine home. Some of the more notable are George and Martha Washington, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Peggy Shippen Arnold who was cousin to Elizabeth and wife to Benedict Arnold. 
It is a fact that the Washington's celebrated an anniversary there.

Their dining hall is notable as it is thought to be one of the first dedicated to strictly for dining as this was unusual at the time of the Powel's residence. The home itself was set to be demolished in the early 1900's but was saved by a group who resurrected it to its original splendor.
In the earlier 20th century the home was used as a warehouse but has since been returned to a home for touring.

Today the home host many tours including an annual New Year's Eve extravaganza that includes haunted ghost tours. The home has been reported to have been haunted by Peggy Shippen who had to go out of the public's scrutiny due to her husband's indiscretions. It is said she roams the very halls where she attended many parties.

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