Monday, January 13, 2014

Rave Review For Schism!

Schism is getting some rave reviews on Amazon! Connie G said, "Schism The Battle of Darracia is a page turning exercise in adventure. Michael Phillp Cash creates an exciting new universe filled with spectacular species that can do all kinds of interesting things. Prince V'sair is a perfect young hero struggling to find his place in his rocky world. The King and Queen make for a poignant love story. Evil Uncle Staf Nuen is delightfully demonic and his family is a perfect foil highlighting his nefarious deeds. I loved V'sair's love interest Tulani. Their budding love was sweet. Also, Zaden and Hilde added great depth to the story. More than sci-fi, more than a love story, more than a mortality tale Schism has it all and I highly recommend it."

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