Monday, February 3, 2014

Lambertville High School

Schools are meant to send our children to so that they may learn the things they need to be productive in society. What happens when those schools are haunted? Are children getting an 'education' that was unexpected?

Take for example Lambertville High School in Lambertville, New Jersey that overlooked the Delaware River. The school is ranked today as one of the top 10 most haunted schools in the country.

Built in 1854 this school was used as the local school district high school until 1959. The building suffered a severe fire in 1926 but was quickly rebuilt and reopened and in use until that time. After 1959, the building would briefly be used as a shop but mostly ominously sit on top of the hill it was located on.  In 1992, another fire would all but completely destroy the abandoned building. This fire is reported to have been set by vagrants or was it?

Some people who have dared to enter the old building have reported hearing screams of children, others have reported children laughing. Yet others have heard what appears to be dragging along the floor boards. It is said that several children died in the fire of 1926. Could this have been their spirits still roaming the halls?

Several people, including the author of the Weird NJ Magazine and Weird books have reportedly seen this chalkboard that resides on the 2nd floor of the building. What is depicted is a classroom of children along with their teacher surrounded by flames. No one seems to know how the 'painting' got there or who the artist is. The ghost of those long forgotten perhaps?

One of the most popular stories is that of a rival football player who died on the field after being tackled by Lambertville football players. Many call  this ghostly presence Billy or more commonly known as Buckeye. Many a former student, partier or just plain fool, have encountered him.

The story goes that if one challenges "Billy" to a football game on the field, a voice and eerie mist will envelope and tell whomever has challenged to run the field to the opposite end or be killed. Two missing boys, who chose not to run were supposedly found hung in the school after a party. Foul play?

Others have reported that challenging him at the end of some old steps leading to the field will cause "Billy" to throw an object (football) at the person and instantly kill them. Even other stories have been reported that just saying his given nickname "Buckeye" will cause the weird mist to develope and the person come up missing.

Are all the stories that of legend or are they in fact, true? You decide.


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  8. When was Billy died..can anyone tell me? ?

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