Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Moxley Manor

Charles Moxley relocated his family, which included wife, Grace, and son, William, to Bedford, Texas from California in 1920.  There he purchased a mansion with money he had inherited and the family settled in. They used the windfall to decorate lavishly, have parties, and generally lived the life of luxury which included maids and servants. It was not long before the money began to run out and Charles began to find himself in dire straights. This took its tole on him and his health began to decline severely as he had contracted pneumonia.

Grace hired one of the maids Lillian to care for her husband and it was not long before it seemed their closeness was more than just healthcare. Grace was not at all please with this. The story goes that eyewitnesses heard her argue with Lillian and left the home in her car. The next morning Grace was found dead in her living room with her throat slashed. The death was ruled a homicide from an attempted robbery but no one was to witness this event. The question is, was it actually Lillian or maybe something more sinister instead?

Of course, not too long after his wife's death, Charles then married Lillian who had taken care of him but tragedy struck again as his only son was now found dead in his bed the victim of a awful killing. Again, no one seemed to know the reason or whom had done it.

Life seemed to move forward in spite of all that had already taken place. Still reeling from financial troubles, the Moxley's began taking in borders and house guest to fill the rooms of the mansion and to boost their income.  Lillian was known to be gracious to her guest especially to women and children.

Two years from the time Charles Moxley moved in to the mansion, another tragedy would strike. This time, it was Charles who was found, shot dead in his bed apparently from a suicide. However, the police would charge Lillian in his death. She fled never to be taken to trial and disappeared.

The Moxley Manor would now sit vacant until a new developer bought the property years later. He tried to reopen the home as a hotel inn but many people would leave complaining of  eerie presences and strange noises. That developer would eventually abandon the property and it remains unused to this day. Many of the towns people where the Manor resides claim that Lillian haunts the place and will not allow anyone to come into "her" home. 

Maybe this is quite wise considering that three people were all killed in a similar manner in the home.
What do you think?

Post script...
In 2011, the home was returned to distant family members of Charles Moxley. They apparently were going to make this a home for homeless and sheltered youth. Volunteers from all over Texas had come to help revitalize the mansion for this purpose. 

However, that summer, the Moxley family had disappeared and complaints began to pour in from the community about awful smells coming from the place. Upon entering the home, police discovered at least 20 dead inside the home. Could it once again been Lillian who took out her wrath upon these people? No one has yet to find the remains of Lillian Moxley.

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