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I am always grateful for each and everyone of you that picks up and purchases my books. I am also grateful for when you choose to leave a review. Reviews are always important to authors as it gives us a pulse as to if we are on the right track or need of improvement. In addition, reviews help us to simply know what you like to read. I am grateful to you always.

I thought today that I would share some recent reviews of my books, Schism and Collision.

5 Stars! 

"I love to find a book where the author can take me out of my world and into his. This particular book is one that will give you all the info regarding the story upfront, and then take you on the most wildest of adventures. Growing up, and the reason for being different, and loving yourself. Jealousy, the reason for family, friendship and love are some of the lessons here too. Mr. Cash is an amazing author. He knows how to make you smile when it's time, and put you on the edge of your seat all at the same time." ~XmasDolly

"Science Fiction has long been a convenient way to thinly disguise social commentary in a way that allows them, sci-fi writers, to "get away with it." Sometimes it is subtle (the very quick, first interracial kiss on TV between Kirk and Uhura) or clobbers you over the head (3 hours of Avatar anyone? I get it, destroying the environment is bad). Either way it serves to get a message out that would otherwise be flat out ignored by many or in some cases denied or protested.

So it is with Michael Phillip Cash’s, Schism: The Battle for Darracia. Here you have V'Sair, a mixed race kid (from Darracia and Planta) who happens to live in a peaceful, relatively tolerant society, but who is struggling to find his identity. Along comes his evil uncle who wants to return to the older more traditional ways. Oh did I mention that V'Sair happens to be the prince, and his parents, the king and queen, happen to be the mixed race couple. V'Sair must learn to control the elements and wield the Fireblade to rescue his parents and defeat his uncle.

Super subtle? No. Effective and engaging? Yes." ~Heather

"This book is full of action and has characters that are well developed and that we can connect with. We are given epic battle scenes, deception, discovery of ones destiny, finding yourself, and a little romance. This is an EPIC fantasy and I love how Cash has written this fast paced and gripping world! I can not wait to see what happens I the next books!

“You are hard. Soft bends and is resilient, hard brakes. Hard cannot bend. Times are changing.” ~Hooked in a book

5 Stars!

"The King has been murdered and his son is having trouble allowing himself to be crowned. Evil forces abound in this one but there is also a whole lot of good. If you think I can be a tease not letting you know what is going to happen--Michael Phillip Cash is a MASTER--I am eagerly awaiting the 3rd book in this series to see what happens to the new young king who is thrown to his death(?) in a watery grave and to his Mom who has been sent off to be a slave!" ~MikiHope

"There is even a statement on war in this book. Darracian warriors never kill for personal gain nor do they employ guns in the conduct of warfare.Instead, warriors fight with swords and great skill is needed to prevail over enemies.This is another fascinating part of the overall presentation." ~Dr. Joseph M.

"This book has everything in it that readers would want! There is the battles, the love affairs, the betrayals and the loyalties all wrapped up in collaborations that make your head spin.

Mr. Cash keeps the reader on edge as the young Prince V'sair embattles the roller coaster emotions of wanting his love by his side, keeping his beloved Darracia out of civil unrest and keeping enemies at bay.

This second book grabbed me and sucked me in as soon as I turned the first page right through to the last. Some chapters I held my breathe hoping for good outcomes. In other chapters and pages, I was floored by the character's tenacity and yet others sections, I was shaking my head in disbelief." ~Naila Moon

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