Friday, April 18, 2014

Stillwell And The Hanging Tree!

 Today I continue on with some more reviews. This time I am shedding some light on my books The Hanging Tree and  Stillwell.

5 Stars!

 "A black cat, an ages old curse, murder, an evil witch hunter and more. How could I resist liking this novella? The short answer is that I couldn't. This was an immediately engaging tale that starts with the murder of a cunning woman and her granddaughter in the 1600's. From this evil seed sprang The Hanging Tree." ~BirdieTracy

"Michael Phillip Cash delivers a haunting, unforgettable paranormal tale with enough mysterious twists-and-turns that will place you on the edge of your seat, until the final curtains close. This incredible suspense Masterpiece, made for the big screen, turns a short novella into an explosive dynamic psychological thriller, highlighting every twisted detail to perfection. The author's fascination with horror writing, combined with his motivation for challenge, creates a breathtaking story that will blow your mind." ~Geraldine A.

4 Stars!

"The dark motif centers around unjust deaths and a family curse. The foreboding beat is furthered by two tragic tales, hinted histories amongst the Hanging Tree's denizens, brief supernatural activities, and a building foreshadowing of bleak things to come. Indeed, it is the anxiety over what is anticipated as a dark outcome and it's sudden climatic drum beat resolution that finds the foreboding fugue now a fading note of slightly corny sweetness. However, Cash does it in a way that leaves THE HANGING TREE satisfactorily complete within both plots. No hanging story threads here." ~Tinfoot

"This short novella drew me in quickly, with the background on the various characters and the reasons they are all tied together. It's written with great imagery, especially the parts about Goody Bennett, and I wish more of the book had been about her. The ending comes as a surprise, but left me thinking "of course! Now it all makes sense!" ~Lisa K.

5 Stars!
"There are lots of fictional historical aspects along with some non-fiction components which Michael mentions at the end of the book. It is awesome how everything came together and had me on the edge of my seat with my heart pounding. The book was a super quick read for me and I was able to finish it in just one sitting. Once I started I couldn't stop reading and when the book came to an end, I was satisfied." Savannah M.

"The author's writing style is superb, the characters are well defined, the plot development might appear to move a little slow but it builds speed and gushes with terror near the end. I think Author Michael Phillips Cash has done a great job. " ~Nancy

4 Stars!
"The characters were sincere: the death of the 'love of your life' and mother to your children, and how this family copes. But on top of that there involves psychics, hauntings, and ghost, oh my. This story is about acceptance in the face of tragedies, and how some people can achieve happiness with the strength to 'just let go'." ~CL Coffman

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