Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Schwartz Hotel

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In a small town of Alma, Colorado, population around 300 there is a building called the Schwartz Hotel.
As with other small towns, the population was built around mining. The hotel was built in the late 1800's and originally was a boarding house owned by Mrs. Schwartz. It now serves other functions.

The ghostly history of this hotel is apparently of a dispute that happened inside the hotel between a father and son who shot each other. It is said that the father and son still remain in the place. However, it is also reported that no information is available to substantiate this argument. Is it the work of the ghost themselves to make their plight known by word of mouth?

Another, reportedly seen ghost but of unsubstantiated evidence is that of a woman who had been so distraught that she hung herself from the balcony. No one seems to really know why she hung herself and it is only theory it is due to the shootings. People still claim to see her in the upper hallway of the hotel.

Other paranormal activity in the house is lights flickering off and on and creepy feelings. 
Perhaps it is true that the ghostly residence of the hotel remain and wish to make themselves known. Or perhaps it is just simply legend and the makings of a good ghost story.

You decide.

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