Monday, May 26, 2014

Thank You!!!

I am always very appreciative of all of you who purchase my books and leave reviews for them. I wanted to take some time to share some of those reviews.

So grateful!
~Michael Phillip Cash

5 Stars:

"I've worked on a couple of houses in which I've heard unexplained noises. I've heard footsteps, voices, seen shadows, and much more. Reading this book made me feel like I was back in some of those houses. Thank you Michael for re-instilling some of that long forgotten fear. Haha.
Now, many people might not find this book scary. There's not any really horrific scenes in it. Not a whole bunch of murder and gore like many of the paranormal and horror books I've read. In fact, if I had never experienced similar ghostly events, I probably wouldn't find it too scary either. That is what I liked the most about this book though. It made the book more interesting to me, WAY more real." ~Niki T.

"While I'm not normally a fan of the Horror / Paranormal genre, I found ‘The Flip", to be a very enjoyable read. The characters are very well developed, the dialog and scenes are creative and extremely engaging.

Cash's smoothly flowing storyline of a newly married couple 'flipping' a rundown and creepy old house is filled with plenty of paranormal goings-on, and I found it to be an engrossing read. I was pulled in well before the end of the first chapter - and eagerly turning the pages to find out what, exactly, was going on in that house..." ~Catherine

"The Flip is another of Michael Phillip Cash’s creative forays into the world of the supernatural that may have you jumping at every strange sound you hear, at least for an hour or two, late at night, in the dark… then again, you may be a romantic that loves a good love story from beyond! Either way, Mr. Cash has done it again, with just enough scary to have you looking out of the corner of your eye for movement, just enough tension to put a stamp of reality on being a house flipper, and more than enough writing genius to keep you glued to each page! He has built a world that feels real as we follow him through each dark hall and around every unknown corner. His characters are so well-developed; you can picture them in your mind and “hear” their words!" ~Dii

5 stars

"I entered the world of science fiction once again with The Battle for Darracia. I found this an explosive story once I collided with this book. The words could not fly off the pages fast enough. To say the least the author has presented me with another page turner." ~Patricia

"Collision is a well written story from the heart. His characters you will respect, fall in love with, and laugh with. Mr. Cash has a way with words to actually put you in the characters shoes, and let you feel what they feel. What would you do next, and then you're reading about it. Collision is such a perfect title for this amazing story! I cannot wait to read what he has in store for us next. Mr. Cash has a way with words with his pictorial writing. I felt like I was right there with this young man who is now looking for the killer of his father to bring him to justice. His Uncle's overthrow of his kingdom took a very hard blow to the Prince now king, and yet his beloved Hilde was also slain killed by a psychotic brother as she protected him from a death blow of a Fireblade." ~Marie

"“Collision” is not your average sci-fi book. The author presents a vision of parallel fictional worlds suffering from deteriorating economic conditions, different customs, and greed for power. Cash combines a riveting story line with metaphorical visualizations keeping the reader turning pages and wondering what is going to happen next." ~Bernie

5 stars

"He draws us into his drama with suspense, a clear and deep characterization of the people in his novel, and he inserts subtle psychological assessments on relationships." ~Israel

"I just finished this sci-thriller and I thoroughly enjoyed every page. I'm even more pleased with the fact that there is a second book to continue the drama. I truly hate when a story I love ends. I'm already reading the second book in less than two weeks!!! the fantastical story line is believable. when I read a really good book... I forget that I'm reading and I am there, inside the world created by the author. that was the case in Schism. I flew with them, I fought beside them, I journeyed with them..." ~Cher

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