Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Reviews Are In!

I am always very appreciative of all of you who purchase my books and leave reviews for them. I wanted to take some time to share some of those reviews from my latest book, The Flip.

So grateful!
~Michael Phillip Cash

"I found this to be a rather fun and quick read as once you start reading you are going to be asking yourself am I the crazy one? I truly enjoyed it and would recommend it as a good read." ~Shelley

"Michael Phillip Cash, has taken an innocent house flipping venture and turned it into a terrifying escapade. To be inside this man's brain would be downright scary if not crafty, and divisive."~Jalynn

"This has a light romance thing happening but not enough to push it into a new genre. You will have to read into the book a bit before it starts to kick into gear. I did not have to check under my bed after reading this, but I did not like the eerie feeling I got either. Bottom line here is if you like a bit of intimate spooks and house flipping then this book is for you." ~Cassandra

"I liked this book, I liked the paranormal activity that was present in it. It was quite creepy and scary at times. The author did a great job with character development as the story moved along. It intertwines, the living and the dead, throwing in marital problems, partly caused by the spirits. It's both creepy and interesting at the same time, and I liked how it ended. This book will definitely hold your attention." ~Shirley

"I love a story that draws me in so completely, that I forget my own surroundings. The Flip is one of those stories. I started reading and was completely sucked out of my own time, feeling like I was there with the characters and watching their story unfold. Whenever I had to stop reading, it was like being pulled back into my dimension. I had to blink and regain my sense of where I was.

I found myself smiling, scowling, becoming frightened, and my heart beating faster in reaction to the emotions the characters were experiencing as the story made it's various twists and turns." ~Lisa

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