Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Haunted Caverns? Longhorn Cavern

Across the United States and around the world caves have been discovered containing natural riches. They have also been used for shelter by prehistoric, native people and beyond.

Photo Creative Commons/ by Angelia

Some of these caves have been noted to be haunted. One such place is the Longhorn Cavern in Burnet, Texas near Austin, Texas. The path above leads to the inside of the cave. The photographer who took the photo said there was no way to enter from here. She noted, "locked to keep people in or out?"

Some of the original inhabitants of the cave is the Comanche Nation. As they would have had sacred ceremonies here the imprints left in the cavern could be many. There have been sightings of Native Americans in the caverns as well as a noted lady in white.

Additionally, there have been rocks thrown, embodied voices, and children's laughter heard throughout the cavern as well as the ground itself, which is a whooping 645 acres.

Photo Creative Commons/Sam Bass
The cave has notable history which includes the legend of the outlaw, Sam Bass who robbed trains, stage coaches, and most noted the Union Pacific Railroad.

Legend has it that Sam Bass hid $2 million dollars in this cave but no evidence to date proves this.
However, he did leave a lasting legend and people flocked here. If he was indeed here, did he leave more than his money?

In the 1800's the cave was discovered by men who later fought for the Confederate Army. Here they use bat droppings to make gun powder that was used in the Civil War. Question remains what ghostly inhabitants where left here during one of the U.S. worst history as this was a major hideout for the Confederate Army.

Finally, in the 1920's when Prohibition was in full force, this cave with its massive halls, that are still used today, was home to a hidden speak easy and dance place. Again, could some of the fast times of the people who were drinking and having a good time, left their impressions and voices upon the inner walls?

Well, that is for you decide and for history and the spirits of the cavern walls to answer.

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  1. I have worked in this cave for 2 and half years and the ghosts neither show themselves or talk to me. I even sleep in the park, the museum and the cave grotto and tower.