Sunday, November 8, 2015

Another Great Review!

"This was the perfect October read, in all honesty. This book reads lightly and easily, it’s filled with much intended puns, has a ridiculously action-packed storyline and Michael Cash should be proud of his writing style. I had expected a fun time as soon as I saw the cover but it was even wittier and smarter than I could have thought.

Keep in mind that this book is like a glass of mulled wine, it’s intended to make you giddy and relaxed, so you can laugh at the cliche moments without stressing too much about their ridiculousness. 

I wished the book could be longer so that we would get to explore some characters more - the end came a bit too soon for me and I wanted to get more attached to the main heroes and get the feeling that I really really know them. 

The plot wouldn’t be as fun without some witch aiming for total world domination (through the distribution of a DNA-induced face cream), a main character who isn’t taking this whole witch thing seriously till much later, a quick and easy love story and a brilliantly unexpected finale (I didn’t see it coming, but when it did I couldn’t help but laugh). 

I think that a wonderful movie would come out of this book. Because, what could be better than witches in modern U.S. casting their rhymed spells while the police politely hunts them down with steampunk weapons?"

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