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Top 5 best books to teach your child to read

Top 5 Best Books to Teach Your Child to Read Top 5 Best Books to Teach Your Child to Read 

Parents have a primary responsibility of teaching their children to read and learn to acquire new skills. From fantasy books to family fun books, and picture books-graphic novels, books provide children with additional knowledge and understanding thereby making it easy for them to sharpen their minds and have a broad comprehension of their studies. Here are some of the best books to teach your child to read. Take note.

Puddle’s ABCs- Holly Hobbie

This is a fantastic and incredibly useful alphabet book in which Puddle (Hobbie’s adorable character) teaches alphabet letters to Otto- his friend as well as writing his name. The story highlights the excitement and joy of learning how to read, write and spell words. In addition to this, the book encourages children to put more focus on words. The Puddle’s ABC kid’s book is appropriate for children of ages 2 years and above. The best thing about this book is that it plays a critical role in preparing children for elementary learning. The book has a humorous approach thereby making it easily understandable to children.

Creature ABC- Andrew Zuckerman

The Creature ABC is an alphabet book and is of valuable importance and use to children in teaching them the sounds made by letters. This book is fun and thrilling to read and features animal photographs and words arranged in an entertaining format. The book is arranged in a way that on one page there is a letter for example Aa and an image of a body of an animal’s part such as alligator’s hand. When reading the book to your child, you should involve the child by making a letter’s sound and asking the kid to guess the animal that represents that letter in the next page. The letters in the Creature ABC book are presented in bright colors

First the Egg- Laura Vaccaro Seeger

The First the Egg book is a concept book designed and published for children as young as 1 year and above. The book employs visual trickery that is also quite entertaining to older kids who about to enter into elementary learning level. The book is perfect for teaching children how to pronounce words as the book highlights words on each page. When reading out words for your child, ensure that the child is able to differentiate the sounds made by each alphabet. This makes it easy for them to learn how to pronounce and spell words correctly from early age before they start formal learning.

Make Way (For) Ducklings- Robert McCloskey

Written by Robert McCloskey, the Make Way (for) Ducklings book is a favorite kid’s book that is specially authored for kids of at least 3 years of age. While the book was not originally intended for use by young children (3 years and below), the book relates well to most of the stories told to children in this age gap. When reading the book to your child, it is important to ensure that the child is actively involved by trying out the sounds made by alphabets in the book. The child may also attempt reading the captions in the book as a way of enhancing their reading, spelling, and pronunciation skills. The idea behind this child book is helping children learn how to read in preparation for elementary school.

Curious George- Curious About Phonics- Catherine Hapka

The Curious George - Curious about Phonics is a comprehensive children book by Catherine Hapka and features 12 simple stories based on Curious George. Each story ushers children to new sounds, spellings and pronunciations. The stories in this book are not only fun but also very exciting for emerging readers as the stories are written progressively from one story to the other. This children book is specially published for use by children of at least 3 years and above boasts of entertaining that provide a thrilling experience to all types of readers. The book has the ability to enhance the little brains of children as they prepare how to embark on the long education journey ahead of them.

Wrapping up

It is worth noting that these books are not only appropriate for use by parents but can also be used by lower school teachers to impart knowledge in children. The use of these books together with other learning materials such as educational DVDs sharpens the minds of children by great margins. You can learn more about parenting tips and how to choose the best products for your children on our blog.

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