Thursday, March 9, 2017

Meet R.L. Jackson: Author Interview

Meet R.L. Jackson. Author Extraordinaire.

1- Where did your idea for this novel come from?
I had the story rolling around in my head for a while but honestly, I get inspired from music. Full on montages spring about sometimes so between that, and the feeling I had to write a different story that was original helped shape the novel. 

2- What quirks of your characters, if any, come from real life?

Ummm lol let me see, I think for my character Lana, it's her ability to tell it like it is and cut the b.s comes DIRECTLY from me.  The important thing with that quirk is being able to take it, if you can give it. 

3- Did you have a favorite character- one you grew attached to?

I think I've grown attached to both main characters. They're these young people literally tripping and stumbling through life and I want to do them justice and give them the story they deserve.  

4- Did the plot take off on its own, or did you know exactly where it was going?
I knew how I wanted it to end, but the start and journey definitely took off in its own. 

5- Was there any point that you closed the laptop and said- I can't do this?

Lol like every other day but I had to push through until it was the best I could make it. 
6- Do you play music when you write?
Oh yes especially when I'm stuck with a scene. I play a song that matches the mood and "watch the scene" in my head then I correlate in the manuscript. 

7- What is your life prepared you for being an indie author?

Being an aspiring screenwriter for sure. I've spent years writing scripts, getting optioned, having the project fall through, creating wonderful relationships and learning how the industry of entertainment worked from that side.  That helped in certain aspects but indie authoring is another best and just as much work if not more. 

8- What actors are playing your characters?
For Kayden Ian Somerhalder for Lana Kat Graham. lol I love The Vampire Diaries so they'd be first pick. 

9- What advice would you give indie authors?
Write, Edit, Publish, Repeat. But take your time and make sure it's a story you want to tell, it's the best you can make it before sending to an editor or beta, then take advice on your story from a constructive point of view. If the advice helps and makes your story better, do it. If it doesn't don't. You ultimately decide what's happens here. Just be smart, be bold and get it done. 

10- What are you working on now?
A lot lol. I'm writing the sequel to "Crashing Into Me", I've started another awesome passion project that I can't mention yet, but I'm bursting with excitement to announce as well as writing scripts. The work never ends but it's exciting stuff and 2017 will be amazing!!

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