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Crashing No More
R.L Jackson


After being dealt a daunting blow, new enemies and scandal surfaces, leading to an exploding conclusion you won't want to miss!

R.L. Jackson Interview:

What’s the weirdest thing you learned while writing Crashing No More?

I guess it would be just how many emotionally unbalanced characters I had. And with that, so many different motives, and emotions, I found myself rooting for all of them, while knowing full well all wouldn’t get what they were after. It was a fun rollercoaster ride for sure.

What character do you identify with in Crashing No More?

Honestly, I identified with Lana a lot. So much of me is in her, but there’s a part of me in all the characters. Aunt Mae’s nurturing, Heathcliff’s loyalty. Those are all things I pride myself on being. 

When does the book come out?

Crashing No More releases March 26th at 12:00 AM at Amazon. Sadly, there is no preorder there, but, you can preorder at iBooks, Nook, Tolino and Kobo right now!

What do you like most about writing?

I love being able to form and shape a world. It’s like clay to me and when something isn’t working, I can mash it all together and try something else. I love when a reader identifies with my story in such a way that they send me messages detailing subtle hints to themes, that many others haven’t grasped. It’s refreshing.

Crashing No More is the sequel to Crashing Into Me. How hard was it to continue the story and also say goodbye to the characters?

The sequel wasn’t too hard to write in the sense that I knew what I wanted to happen. The ending completely changed from what I originally planned and that was a tough call. I just felt that it brought everything back full circle in a way and I hope readers understand and appreciate that.

Do you ever want to see your books made into a TV show or Movie and who would you want to direct it?

I’d love to see my books turned into either or both lol! As for directing, I’d love for Tosca Musck to direct my characters. She does a wonderful job with the projects from PassionFlix and it would be an honor one day. A girl can dream!

What’s up next for R.L as far as new books?

Right now I’m writing a new series with the working title of On The Set. It’s a romance series about a makeup artist and an actor on a hit vampire show. I’m excited about these new characters and this new world. Speaking of worlds, all of my books will be apart of the same worlds.

Does that mean there will be cross overs?

There are no plans to do that right now. I want to see how the readers feel and if there is a demand for it, I’ll most likely do it. I would honeslty like to do it though.

What rituals must you do before writing?

I binge watch TV, of a totally different theme, to kind of clean my palate. The last thing I want is for a new book or series to feel anything like something I just finished writing.

Where can everyone buy your books?

People can find my books everywhere books are sold. Crashing Into Me is available in Kindle Unlimited for a limited time, and Crashing No More is wide. Find the links below:

Crashing Into Me:
Crashing No More: 
iBooks: BUY HERE

You can find me online at:

Crashing No More Blurb:

After battling his controlling mother, a crazy ex-girlfriend, and demons from their pasts, Lana Mckenzie and Kayden Capshaw feel they can now focus on a future together—exciting new adventures, scorching sex and a type of love neither had experienced before. When they take a breath after a whirlwind of a night, a terrible car crash puts a fast end to their short-lived freedom.
Lana wakes after the accident unsure of Kayden’s condition, Kim has escaped the clutches of the law, Maureen is out for revenge, and the town is buzzing with scandal and gossip.
Secrets, deceptions, and lies emerge at every turn and new obstacles are revealed. Will Lana confront her enemies head-on and fight or run letting fear, self-doubt, and intimidation win?

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