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Review featured on and by Readers' Favorite: Collision, The Battle for Darracia - Book 2 (The Darracia Saga) (Volume 2) by Michael Phillip Cash

Review featured on and by

Readers' Favorite:


The Battle for Darracia - Book 2 (The Darracia Saga) (Volume 2)

by Michael Phillip Cash

Young Adult - Sci-Fi

258 Pages

Reviewed on 03/06/2018

Author Biography

Michael Phillip Cash is an award winning screenwriter and novelist. He's written eight novels including the best-selling Brood X, Stillwell, The Flip, The After House, and Battle for Darracia series.

When he's not writing, Michael is sailing on his private 100-foot yacht bought with all the book royalties. Michael resides in a mega mansion (also bought with royalties) on Long Island. He writes full-time, with his screaming kids in the background.

Connect with one of Michael's twenty assistants on all those superfluous social media sites:

Book Review

Reviewed by Melinda Hills for Readers' Favorite

Michael Phillip Cash picks up the story of the Darracian saga in Collision, volume two of The Battle for Darracia series. The planet is still in turmoil almost a year after the murder of the king with many military leaders and nobles unwilling to follow the lead of the new king, V’sair. V’sair has been forced to grow up quickly due to these events and is frustrated that his love, Tulani, and his illegitimate half-brother, Kayden, are not with him to help. While they are trying to solve their own problems, V’sair does have the love and guidance of his mother and the conviction that what he is trying to do is the right thing.

The action in Collision takes you across the solar system as Kayden tries to track down the traitor and murderer, Staf Nuen. Fifteen years older than V’sair, Kayden is supposed to be the Grand Mestor guiding V’sair, but he will not rest until their father’s death is avenged. Unfortunately, Staf has teamed up with a surprising ally, but even there, things are not as they appear. When all the forces, including the Elements, which are the basis of the major religion in Darracia, come together, the outcome is far from certain since the attackers bring their own dark magic to fight. This is nothing less than a classic battle of good and evil with plenty of twists and turns thrown in.

Well written and as exciting as Schism, Volume 1, the second book -- Collision -- by Michael Phillip Cash is a great YA read. Another excellent story with great action and emotion. Action, a bit of romance, greed, soul searching and the quest for a better life keep you turning the pages to see what will happen next and who will prevail. The writing is finely polished in this story and is smooth and easy to read. Collision can be read as a stand-alone story with plenty of short background comments that help you understand what is happening if you have not read Volume 1 first. I particularly liked how the author provides background information of what happened in Schism. But trust me, it is well worth reading the series to enjoy great stories and all the insight you need into the struggles and successes of the characters.

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