Wednesday, August 14, 2019

*Author Spotlight* Esther Rabbit

This is Esther, I'm a content creator for writers and Paranormal Romance author myself. Following the Swag Bag post I'm extending an invitation for an interview feature on my blog. When I'm not wearing the writer cape, I'm a Digital Marketing specialist and at your service if you have any questions about author branding or back-end SEO.

I've actually been lucky enough to find many authors to collaborate with through mutual interviews, book reviews and overall support, so if you'd like to join me on my quest, hop in! I'm actively looking for professionals who want to collaborate on multiple projects for common benefits. I am happy to swap books, leave a fab Goodreads review & interview you.

My interview project is called 7 Questions (copyrighted), all you have to do is take your pick (see document attached below) and email your answers in a Word Document including links to your website, social media and anything you might consider relevant to attract the people you need to your platforms. Please make your answers extensive. You can also include a picture of yourself (it’s always nice when readers see a face).  The picture has to respect 1000W x 700H or close standards to fit the featured image on the website.

Please respect the interview format, 3rd person intro, etc. otherwise it will be difficult to publish.

I aim to educate upcoming writers in the tricks of the craft, from writing the first draft to learning from professionals like you, so I'm a writer with a mission.

I would absolutely love to be featured on your feed if you like Paranormal Romance, my novel Lost in Amber was just released in January and it needs some reviews. 

Last but not least I am continuously overwhelmed by the quality of the people I've met online and I'm hoping to discover more of you through your interview.  

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All my best, 
Esther Rabbit | From Words To Spellbinding Novels

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